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   Chapter 7 I have a suggestion

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Updated: 2018-11-21 14:45

Kaname's serious face became contorted with roaring laughter. He laughed so hard that tears began to form on the corners of his eyes.

"Ha-ha! That was good!" He said, in between his laughter, clutching his abdomen.

Sachie felt stupid that Kaname just laughed at her, when she seriously said that. It was true, after all.

"Will you stop laughing at me?" She said, looking annoyed with a frown on her forehead.

Kaname wiped his tears, and he finally looked at her with a lopsided grin, raking his hair in a sensual manner. Sachie could not help but notice how manly he looks.

Too bad that it's only with his looks.

"Pardon me for that Sachie, I couldn't help it. You were so good at joking you know, " he said after completely calming himself.

He scanned the parking lot for something.

"I wasn't joking, " she said, "Oh yeah?" he said but obviously his attention was focused on something else. When she followed his gaze, she saw that he must be looking at somebody from across the street in the restaurant.

"Are you looking for something or somebody?" she asked.

Kaname turned his attention to her, and flashed her a wide smile.

"Nothing, let's go. I'll take you home." He said and touched her in the elbow. Sachie felt electrified at the touch of his fingers on her skin.

Kaname felt it too but he pretended not to notice it and continued to held her.

"Come on, " he said and went to the driver's seat. "You didn't bring your car with you, right?" He put on his sunglasses, and he looked more gorgeous.

Oh, so he must be looking for my car earlier, she thought.

Giving up, she opened the door and went in the passenger's seat at the front and put on her seatbelt immediately. Kaname's lips twitched as he saw her action.

She learned quickly. Lucky seatbelt.

"Thanks, " Sachie said, and turned sideways.

He nodded and drove out of the parking.

"I forgot to ask, you don't stay with Hiro and Ivy, right?" he said after a few minutes that they were already on the road. Sachie was silently playing on her phone to amuse herself.

"Yeah, for the meantime I stay at our old house. Father and Mama Andrea will stay in the Philippines for a year, because I think she has to arrange many things first about her early retirement at her work."

It was only a month since her father re-married and they decided to stay in Japan for good. The decision of Ivy to stay here with Hiro also caused Andrea to decide the same.

"So, you are alone there?" Kaname asked, thinking that for such a big house, it must be lonely living there by herself. It would be better if she stays with Hiro and Ivy. Their house have enough rooms.

"Not literally, you know we have staff at the house." She answered intelligently.

Kaname nodded.

It would take another 30 minutes before they can reach their house but Sachie felt so curious

r, his long fingers met hers and just like when he touched her elbows, Sachie felt uneasy with his touch. So did he.

Yet, they pretended not to notice it.

"Thanks, " Kaname said.

Sachie sat on the opposite sofa and carefully raised her tea cup as well and drink.

"Please try this Kaname, I baked it by myself." She said afterwards, placing some cookies on a small bowl and handed it to him, which he gladly accepted.

"This is good, you could be a good wife, Sachie." He smirked at her.

She smiled at him, finally, it looks like Kaname's mood became better.

"I know, that is why I'm now looking for a husband, " she lamented with a pout.

"You're only 22, why are you in such a hurry?" he lifted one brow at her.

"Well, I'm not actually in a hurry but…" she then shrugged her shoulders. "I just want to get married early, have children early, and later on enjoy myself." She said.

Kaname chuckled.

"That's a twisted reasoning. Most girls will say that they want to enjoy their lives first than to have a family."

Sachie's eyes lowered. Surely, I cannot tell it to him.

The sudden sadness that enveloped Sachie was not lost on his keen eyes. He leaned forward and looked at her intently.

"What's wrong?"

She straightened on her chair and smiled sweetly at him, too sweet, while waving both of her hands in front of her.

"Oh nothing, " she said, shaking her head and smiling. "I was just thinking that it must be good to watch my children grow while I'm still not too old. Ha-ha, " she then forced a laugh.

Kaname leaned back and put his arms across his chest, contemplating on her answer. He then think of something else. With a playful grin, he looked at her again.

"I have a suggestion, Sachie, " he said. She looked at him, and she just nodded. "Why don't we try to make children?"

Her eyes widened suddenly in disbelief and shock. Did she hear him right?

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