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   Chapter 6 Protect yourself from me

Under the Sakura By Elria Cortez Characters: 8137

Updated: 2018-11-20 19:43

"Where are you going? We are supposed to watch a movie today, right?" He said nonchalantly, purposely ignoring the guy beside her.

What's going on? What movie? Sachie thought.

"Well? Don't tell me you forgot that we will watch that movie that you have been pestering me to watch with you? Come on let's go, I don't wanna watch the last showing." He added without waiting for her reply, he looked at her as if wanting her to catch on his charade.

Sachie realized that Kaname must have noticed her tension and came here to save her.

Ok, not her knight in shining armor, but somebody is better than nobody, she thought.

She managed to force a smile.

"Sorry about that Kaname, I forgot."

She felt the point of the knife on her side and she stiffened. Kaname noticed it but pretended not to and smiled at her, then looked at the guy.

"Hey man, I know I must be hindering your date but she promised to watch a movie with me first, so I guess I'll take her from you." Kaname watched as the guy tried to force a smile, hiding his tension. He put one arm on Sachie's shoulder, which made her look paler. Kaname's look turned a shade darker for a moment.

"Back off man, don't stop us." the guy said.

Kaname raised both of his hands above his head and grinned at the guy, then pretended to turn around and walk away. The guy's hand on her shoulder relaxed for a moment, and in that instant, Kaname's right foot landed on his abdomen, flinging the guy backward across the parking lot.

Sachie gasped and covered her mouth, immediately Kaname held her in his arms protectively. She was so close to his chest that she could feel his heart beating fast.

He was as tensed as me?

"Kaname, " she said, but he cut her words with his serious look and motioned at the guy trying to stand, staggering and holding his abdomen. The knife he was holding earlier flew a few feet away from where he landed on his back.

"Unless you have a gun, you have no chance of winning with me, " Kaname confidently stated, while the guy was cursing at them. He knew that he was lost, as he saw some people on the parking lot began to stare at them curiously. He looked around, took his knife and went away.

Only then did Sachie was able to breathe freely. She almost fell down if Kaname was not holding her by her waist. She felt her knees trembled due to the heightened fear and worry.

Kaname looked at her flushed expression, and p

you free yourself in this condition?" He said, his voice turning thicker and mellower as his face gradually inched towards her upturned face.

He's gonna kiss me??? Really?

She panicked, but couldn't use both od her hands because of his arms imprisoning her completely. What remains are her legs.

With all the strength she could muster, she arched her right leg and pushed it towards him, meeting his groin area. Instantly, Kaname let her go, groaning and cursing simultaneously. He looked at her with obvious disbelief and pain as he clutched his groin.

She gave him a mocking smile while crossing her arms on her chest.

"See? I told you I can protect myself." She grinned at him, feeling victorious.

Kaname cursed one more time, before he recovered to the pain that she inflicted on him.

"Did you know that your action could be punished severely Sachie?" he eyed her warningly, and she inched backward a little as she realized that she must have really hurt him.

"Hey, it was your fault for goading me to do that, " she said. He stood towering her, as her back was pressed on his car. He stopped a mere inches away from her.

"What you did could have made me sterile and I won't be able to sire a child, you know. How could you make up for it then, hmm?" He said directly to her, capturing her eyes with his heated ones.

Sachie felt a magnetic pull to touch his face, but she controlled herself well.

How could you be attracted with a gay, Sachie? Wake up!

She bit her lower lip, and looked at him squarely.

"You could never sire a child with Yousuke, you know." She replied bluntly.

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