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   Chapter 5 Where is my knight

Under the Sakura By Elria Cortez Characters: 8034

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It has been a month since they came back to Japan from the Philippines. Kaname returned to his hectic schedule as the Vice-President of the YY Group of Companies, particularly the hotel and resort section which he directly manages. As one of the major stockholders, and Hiro's best friend, he is the second busiest person in the company. Traveling everywhere to meet with prospective business partners or handling some problems and decision making that are too complicated or sensitive for the branch managers. During all those times, he would spend his leisure with the company of different women.

Yes, Kaname does not involve himself with the same woman more than twice. He made it his principle to sleep with the same woman a maximum of two nights in a row or in two occasion. The first would be the getting to know time and the second would be the goodbye.

He was married thrice last year, not out of love, but just to give into his parent's demand. However, he made a condition that if they can't bear him a child in 3 months' time, they would get a divorce and the women will have no claim on him whatsoever.

He would have wanted to fall in love, like his best friend Hiro Yamamoto, who found the love of his life in the arms of a half-Filipina, half-Japanese named Ivy Castillo. But then, it has been more than 4 years since they got married, and already have two children of their own plus an adopted son, but he was not yet fortunate enough to find a woman who can make him crazy like Hiro was.

Yes, he is indeed searching for a lady who could turn his wayward ways straight, who could make him into a changed man like Hiro became, and who could be with him throughout the rest of his life. But up to this moment, the women he met were just so eager to spread their legs for him, yearning to experience how a handsome half like him would behave in bed, and wanted to have the benefit of being with a rich man like him. All those women were selfish and vain, only thinking about their own welfare.

As he looked into the window from his hotel room, he realized that he is not getting any younger. He would be 38 soon, so he should settle down before he turned 40. But where will he find his one true love?


Sachie feels so uncomfortable as she sat on her chair, waiting patiently for the man who's supposed to be her perfect match for marriage. She slowly sipped her orange juice, adjusting her clothes properly to emphasize her feminine curves.

Just for today, she is wearing a body hugging one-piece light yellow dress that barely reached her knees. She learned that for small girls like her, she should expose a part of her legs to appear taller. She then matched it with a black belt and black blazer because the dress was strapless. Although she feels uncomfortable as her cleavage is a bit exposed, her friend told her that it would be the best outfit to see if the man will be attracted to her.

Yes Sachie, physical attraction is very important in a compatible relationship. She nodded slightly as she talked to herself.

"Err.. excuse me. Are you Sachie Yamamoto?"

A man's voice made her turn around, and she saw a tall, well-built guy looking at her earnestly. Sachie stood up and smiled.

"Yes, I'm Sachie Yamamoto, and you are?" she arched her eyebrow because the man she is expecting does not look like this man.

The man standing in front of her looks just like her age, tall, lean, with a face that she would have swoon with if she was still in high school. He was cute, but not her type at all. As she tried to remember the face of the man from the file, the guy suddenly held her hands.

"I'm pleased to meet you, Miss Sachie, I'm Jun Okada."

Sachie pulled her hands in surprise and annoyance. In Japan, it's rude to have any physical contact with somebody you just met at the first time, especially for the opposite sex. Sachie gave him a sullen look, but the guy just shrugged his shoulders as if it was no big deal to him. Without her invitation,

he sat himself on the chair opposite to her chair and moved it closer.

"Why don't you sit down, Miss Sachie." He said to her, while she was still standing, feeling irritated with his over-confident behavior.

Sachie remained standing, and looked at the guy disapprovingly. She took her handbag and started to leave when the man held her in the arms.

"Sit down, Miss Sachie, you don't want to make a scene here." His voice turned cold, and the look he gave her made her swallow in fear. She then noticed a knife on his other hand, placed under his leather jacket secretly.

Ok, Sachie, this is bad. You have to be calm and get out of this situation fast.

She calmed herself and sit down properly, with her handbag on her lap.

"What do you want with me?" She asked straight. Obviously, this is not the man she was supposed to meet. But how did this guy knew that she would be here and she would meet somebody? Is he a stalker?

"Well to cut it short, I want you to come with me to the parking lot and we will talk there." He said, casually leaning on her and eyeing her sexy dress. Other people in the restaurant might have thought that they are in a relationship by the way he inched himself near her, their knees were almost touching.

"I don't know you, why would I come with you?" she did not flinch at all when she bravely responded.

"I just told you my name, so we are not completely strangers. Besides, I've been following you, I know that you're supposed to meet somebody for a marriage interview today. So, I ambushed your date and came here on his place." The guy said while giving her a smile that other girls might find charming, but she found it repulsive.

"If you want money I can just give it to you here." She said, what else could they want from me?

The man sat straightly, and looked at her intently before he let out a grin.

"My boss likes you to come Miss Sachie, your money is not important."

Only then did Sachie realized that this is serious. She glanced around the restaurant, there are several customers, mostly couples dating. This restaurant has a cozy ambience that is suited for marriage interviews like the one that's supposed to happening with her. The tables are placed in individual cubicles that are far from each other to give a certain amount of privacy. Before she could stand and shout for help, the man could already pierce her with the knife in his hand.

What will you do Sachie? You cannot die a virgin!

She was so tensed, and scared, but she refused to give in to her fear. She's a grown up woman now. She can handle this. She must take the man to a more open space so she can run.

Run away with her 6 inches Jimmy Choo, how's that? Ouch!

The guy stood up and offered his arm to her.

"Let's go Miss Sachie, my boss hates waiting."

Sachie stood up, but she did not take his offer. She walked by herself towards the door of the restaurant, her mind racing on what to do.

Please, my knight in shining armor! Come and save me now!

Beads of sweat started to appear on her forehead, as she pushed the door to go out. They walked across the street to the parking. She was walking casually, and the guy was walking near her side, his knife was pointed on her underneath his jacket.


She stopped when she heard the familiar voice who called her. The guy stopped as well, his facial expression tensed when he saw the person walking towards them. For a moment, Sachie thought that this guy knew Kaname.

Kaname was walking leisurely in his business suits, right hand on his pocket while the left hand dangling casually on his side, sporting an expensive watch.

He stopped about 2 feet away from them and looked at her from head to toe. She wanted to disappear in that instant when his gaze stopped for a moment on her cleavage and a naughty grin appeared on his handsome face.

Perverted gay! She thought. Gosh, why does it have to be him? Where is my knight?

"Kaname, " she slightly bowed her head.

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