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   Chapter 4 She is my future bride

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The three men looked at her, with different expressions. Yousuke was obviously wondering which secret she is referring to, Hiro was impatient because he has been kept away for too long from Ivy, while Kaname has an amused look on his face.

Hiro was the first to break the silence.

"Anyway, Yousuke please take Sachie to the airport. She has a flight to catch. You have to leave early because the traffic here is so heavy." He said and started walking, then stopped and turned towards Sachie. "Take care, we'll see you in 3 days."

Both men just nodded at him, while Sachie started to walk very carefully away from them. She was planning to just take a taxi. It was enough that she discovered their secret, she could not take it anymore if they go lovey-dovey in front of her.

"Sachie." Kaname's voice stopped her from going away. She stood straight with her back on them as she heard their footsteps becoming closer.

OMG! OMG! Please, don't let my mind be corrupted anymore!

"Give me the key, I will drive." Yousuke said.

She was like a robot as she turned to face them, with a plastered smile on her face. She gave the key to Yousuke, avoiding Kaname's eyes completely. She felt like if she looks at Kaname, the image of his naked body as he went out of the shower would flash on her mind again.

I don't wanna see it anymore!

"Ok, let's go, before we get caught up in the traffic, " Kaname said.

"W-wait, " she stammered, and when the two turned to face her, she could not help but felt so guilty and embarrassed. "Are you coming with us too, Kaname?"

It was the first time that she tried to look at him after she saw them in the room, and she saw how he raked his medium-length copper brown hair with his fingers, and looked at her with his smoky eyes.

How could he be so handsome!

"Of course, I cannot let Yousuke return alone, right?" He was obviously teasing her, but her shock was so great at his silence admission of their relationship, that she did not notice it.

Oh right. They have to be together.

She felt like she want to vomit.

She just followed the two as they walked together towards the parking.

When they reached the parking, her suitcase was already at the trunk. She decided to sit at the back as she is so sure that Kaname would want to sit in the front together with Yousuke. But she was surprised when Kaname sat on the backseat as well.

"W-why are you sitting here?" she said, suddenly moving to the farther edge of the window. Kaname did not look at her but instead put on his seatbelt and leaned back casually.

"I'm still sleepy. I don't want to sit on the front." He closed his eyes, and Sachie did not have a choice but to stay silent. She sat properly, looking outside the window with her arms on her lap. Yousuke started driving.

How did this happen? When did this happen?

Since she became aware of what attraction is at the opposite sex, she has been fantasizing about Kaname. Her dream guy. But as she grow older, she realized that Kaname would never like her at all, as his past relationships have been all famous and breathtakingly beautiful and mature women. It was never in her wildest imagination that he was also having a relationship with a guy, to Yousuke, for that matter.

She slouched on the seat. She was even setting her eyes on Yousuke, as he looks like her ideal man. Not as handsome as Kaname, but definitely with a better reputation.

This day is not my lucky day, she thought.

Her dreams just came crashing down in a matter of minutes. Oh poor Sachie, it looks like you don't have a choice but to have an omiai.

She did not saw that Kaname opened his eyes and turned to look at her.

"Sachie, " he said, and when she turned to him, his face was close to hers, almost too close for her to even smell his toothpaste.

"W-what?" she asked, her hands almost ready to push him.

OMG, don't tell me he's gonna kiss me? No! I want my first kiss to be with a man! A true, real man!


leaned even closer, and as he moved his left hand, she closed her eyes, with her hands covering her mouth. Then, she felt the seatbelt on her chest and heard it clasped together. Only then did she opened her eyes, and saw the impish look on his face. She blushed.

"Don't forget to wear seatbelt every time. You'll never know what might happen on the road." He said, obviously enjoying her discomfort.


They reached the airport 2 hours before her scheduled flight, which is just enough time for her to check-in and pass through the immigration procedure. She waved back at Yousuke and Kaname as she entered the terminal while the two nodded at her.

All the while, she has been in low spirits. She had been dreaming to be married to either the two of them, but now, both of her prospect husbands has been erased from her list. She has to contact her friend to arrange for a marriage interview as soon as possible. She does not want to be an old maid.


Yousuke glanced back at Kaname as he was driving back to the resort. The look on his face said that he has just bullied somebody, and he is absolutely enjoying it.

"Hey Kaname, tell me who did you bully today?" He asked while keeping his attention on the road. Although Yousuke has been used to driving in different countries, he found it so hard to drive in the Philippines. If he is not careful, a car or a motorbike will take over his lane coming both from his left and his right. No wonder, most Japanese won't even dare to drive here, especially in Manila.

Kaname will probably be in an accident in less than 30 minutes, he thought.

Kaname chuckled.

"Yousuke, did you ever consider if some other people have been looking at us like we have a relationship?"

Yousuke frowned. Although he never had a stable girlfriend, he could not see himself having a relationship with Kaname.

"That's absurd." He replied indifferently. He knows how much Kaname enjoys the company of women.

Kaname laughed.

"Indeed, but what if I tell you that somebody has just that kind of thinking about us?"



Yousuke stepped on the break so sudden that Kaname almost hit his face on the front, if not for his seatbelt.

"Hey! Drive carefully, will you?" Kaname said in surprise. "Do you have any idea how many women will cry if I die in a car accident because of your reckless driving?"

Yousuke shook his head, and was just thankful that no car was following them too close as they entered the toll gate.

"You are so bad at joking Kaname." He said, as he inched slowly on the long queue of the cars entering the expressway.

"Well, did you know that when Sachie saw us together in your room this morning, she was thinking that we are both gay?"

Yousuke turned at him with a dark expression, but he did not say anything.

"I bet that's the secret that she was referring to earlier." Kaname added, still enjoying the thought that Sachie must have been imagining him and Yousuke doing lascivious things together. He couldn't help but be amused with her expression and obvious disgust.

What a cute little thing, he thought.

As their car move slowly, Kaname did not expect Yousuke's response.

"Don't play with her Kaname, " his voice was laced with seriousness that made Kaname looked at him.

"Hey, of course I don't have any intention in playing with her at all. She is Hiro's sister, remember." Kaname said, looking out of the window. Hiro and his friendship have gone a long way. There is no way that he will risk his friendship with the only best friend he ever had, for a girl. No matter who the girl might be.

It was Hiro who accepted him as he is, a half-blooded, as a real friend. Even when Hiro still believed then that he was a full-blooded Japanese, he accepted him fully. He could not waste their long years of friendship for his sexual needs.

"It's not only because of that, Kaname. She is my future bride, so don't you even think of laying your hands on her."

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