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   Chapter 3 Your secret is safe with me

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In the bar, Kaname found Yousuke also drinking by himself. He looked so forlorn that Kaname thought of something funny for his overly-serious friend.

"Yousuke, " he said as he sat beside him.

Yousuke gulped down on his drink before he turned to Kaname. His face was already reddish up to his ears. He squinted at him.

"Hey man, you're already way beyond your limit, " Kaname said, looking at the queue of empty glasses on his table. He knew for a fact that Yousuke could hold his liquor well, but the alcohol in the Philippines has stronger percentage than the ones they used to drink in Japan, and he was drinking them like water.

"U---zai, " Yousuke slurred, and tried to pour another drink on his empty glass.

Kaname shook his head and gestured for the waiter to bring him a drink as well.

"Rhum please, " he said, while eyeing Yousuke who just told him that he's annoying in Japanese.

"Yousuke, can you still manage a serious conversation?" His sudden seriousness made Yousuke stopped from trying to drink his alcohol, and just looked at him.

"Of course, " he answered.

Yousuke thanked the waiter and started drinking as well.

"I think I need to lie low for a while when it comes to ladies, " he said with such a thoughtful look that Yousuke laughed at him. It was a full minute before he stopped laughing, and when he saw that Kaname looked serious as hell, he finished his beer in one gulping and turned his full attention to Kaname.

"What's the matter? Somebody has rejected you?"

"Ha-ha. You should know me better than that, man." Kaname said, his thoughts kept on coming back to what Sachie told him.

I don't like being seen with you Kaname.

It's like if she is seen with him, her reputation would be compromised.

"Then what's the problem? You're not getting a proper hard-on these days?"

Give it to Yousuke to ask questions which are too straightforward and no sense of decency at all, when he is drunk. When Yousuke is sober, he would flinch with just a simple curse word. However, Yousuke is more logical when he is drunk, so Kaname would always seek him for advice under the influence of alcohol.

"That's not it, man. Be serious, will you? I'm serious here, actually." It was Kaname's turn to slur with his words. Although he likes to drink alcohol, his tolerance is very low. He has the lowest among the three of them.

They began to talk for about everything until the clock hits 12:00 midnight. The bartender told them that it would close in 15 minutes so the two had no choice but to go out. Unfortunately, Kaname could not remember his room, so he ended up going to Yousuke's room as well.

The next morning, Sachie was about to knock on Kaname's door when she realized that it might not be proper because he might have somebody with him. Instead, she went to Yousuke's room to ask him to send her back to the airport to catch her flight. She could not burden Hiro since she went there so early this morning to get his car key and Hiro scowled at her while giving her the key.

As she knocked on Yousuke's room, she realized that it was half-open.

Why didn't he lock his room? Maybe he's about to go out.

Sachie has been familiar with Kaname and Yousuke as his brother's close friends so she was not hesitant to go to Yosuke's room at all. He is like a big brother to her, more like her ideal man.

"Big bro Yousuke?" she called as she entered the room, but received no response. She noticed that the living room was almost not used. She walked towards the bedroom, with the door open as well, she called for him again, but no response.

She carefully opened the door fully and roamed her eyes on the bedroom. She saw Yousuke still sleeping on his bed.

He must have drunk too much last night. She thought as she could still smell the alcohol in the room. As she leaned forward to wake Yousuke, the door of the bathroom opened.

In her 22 years of existence, it was the first time that she saw a naked body of a full-grown man as Kaname went out of the bathroom with not even a towel to cover his body. Sachie did not know what to do, to cover her eyes or turn around. In that instant, it's like her brain stopped functioning.

She stayed rooted on the floor, her eyes became in its largest size ever, as she stood gaping at the walking God of Pheromones, unable to take her eyes off him.

"Yousuke, I couldn't find any…" Kaname stopped in his tracks as he noticed Sachie, standing like a statue near Yousuke's bed.

As always, the lady-killer side in him found nothing wrong with himself walking with nothing like his birthday suit, and casually walked towards the cabinet. There, he found some clean towels. He wrapped the first towel on his waist and the other one he used to dry his hair. He then turned to where Sachie was standing, still unmoving.

For a moment, he thought that she had passed out. The corner of his mouth twitched as he took in her pale and bewildered expression. He could almost guess what was on her mind.

Ever so slowly, the color returned to her face, and she blinked several times before she let out a muffled scream. She turned around and covered her mouth.

She touched her nose to check if its bleeding. She sighed deeply when she realized it wasn't.

OMG! What was that? That… thing???

Why is Kaname here? Why is he naked in Yousuke's room? Don't tell me, he is not only a lady-killer? He is also…. OMG!

Her image of Kaname as an out-of-this-world handsome man has just vanished into thin air and was replaced by somebody who belong to the LGBT. Her mind was in utmost chaos.

"Sachie, what are you doing here early in the morning?" It was Yousuke's voice. Sachie would have turned around, but the realization in her mind about their relationship led her to control her movement. Instead, without looking back, she mustered her courage and spoke like what she saw was nothing.

"I came here to ask you to take me to the airport. I have the key to Brother's car, but…" she could not finish her words.

She realized that she was weeping. What's this?

"Sachie?" It was Kaname's voice.

Before she noticed that Kaname was looking at her strangely, she suddenly darted out the room with the car key on her hand. She did not stop running until she bumped into another person, and the impact caused her to land on her butt painfully.

"Ouch!" she said, as she touched her bum.


The man was also taken aback when he noticed her running fast towards him, but before he could properly respond, they collided.


Sachie looked up and saw her brother's brooding eyes. Hiro immediately helped her to stand.

"What's wrong with you, running like you were being haunted by some ghosts?" He said, wearing a casual shirt and joggers, with some plastic bags on his hand.

"Why are so hard as a rock, brother?" She said, complaining because she was the only who went down with the impact while Hiro remained standing. "That hurts, I think I won't be able to sit down for a while, " she said, massaging her butt.

It was good that she was wearing jeans and shirt, otherwise it would be such an embarrassment to both her and her brother.

"You didn't answer my question, " Hiro said, then he saw Kaname and Yousuke walking towards them.

"I thought you would ask Yousuke to take you to the airport?" He frowned at her. When Sachie turned and saw the two coming towards them, she hastily went behind Hiro, as if by being there, the two won't notice her anymore.

Please, don't let them find me. I still can't accept the fact that they… they…

"Sachie, why are you hiding behind Hiro?" It was Yousuke who called out for her.

Still in shock for the truth that she has uncovered, Sachie peeked from her brother's shoulder. Ok, come on Sachie. You just have to apologize. It was your fault for going inside their room, it was your fault for learning about their relationship.

With her fingers fidgeting in front of her, she looked at the two shyly.

"S-sorry, I did not mean to bother you two, " she said in her small voice. Yousuke face was blank, while Kaname was suppressing a grin on his face. Hiro looked back and forth between the two and Sachie.

"What's going on?" Hiro asked.

"I-It's alright you know. This is a modern day. It wasn't what I expected but I guess…" what the heck! She inhaled deeply. "Don't worry, your secret is safe with me."

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