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   Chapter 2 My best friend’s sister

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"P-pardon?" she said, careful not to misinterpret him this time.

Kaname has an impassive look on his face as he glanced at her.

"I asked if you want to go to my room, you can change there, you know." He said nonchalantly, as if he just offered her a cup of coffee.

At her appalled expression, Kaname smiled devilishly and leaned forward to her.

"Why, afraid that I might impregnate you once you entered my room?" He said each word with deliberate clarity and emphasis.

Sachie swallowed and casually inched backwards. She let out a small laugh to mask the uncomfortable feeling in her stomach. She always feel uncomfortable with Kaname around. What she feels right now must be the same with all the girls he has been before.

Kaname has an aura that will make you lose your self-confidence. She thought that she has been a little mature since she has gone abroad and stayed for more than 4 years. Being with him, close like this, made all her carefully built-up walls crashing down again.

You are not a teenage girl anymore, Sachie. Get over your childhood crush on him already!

She tried to met his gaze, but failed after just a few seconds.

"Well, I was just joking earlier when I said that. I know for a fact that it takes more than a look to impregnate someone." She said, keeping her voice as cool as possible.

Good, Sachie.

"Of course, Sachie. You must know that, " he drawled, still looking at her.

"Can you keep a distance from me, anyway? I don't like being seen with you Kaname, " she said, and almost took back her words when she saw his eyes darkened a little. Was it pain, or annoyance?

Why would he be hurt by her words? It was true after all.

Kaname Hill, a 37 year-old bachelor, recently, has always been a popular topic among young ladies her age, even older women, because of his conquest in women. Last year, he was married thrice, and divorced thrice as well. Now, he is currently a bachelor, but is always seen with various women every time he attends an event or occasion. As a businessman, he always has to go to some meetings and events being sponsored as a marketing strategy. His face alone could attract the consumers, and it is rumored that he could always get a business deal signed in an hour, along with the corresponding woman. In short, he is a playboy, a lady-killer.

She does not want to belong in his collection.

"I see, " he then give her a brief laugh. "Let's get going to my room then, " He stood up and offered his hand to her.

She looked at his hand, hesitating to accept it.

"But I said, "

"I know, you don't wanna be seen with me, right? That is why we shall go to my room so no one will see us together. Besides, we are not in Japan Sachie." He smirked.

"Which means?"

"Although my character has been preceded by rumors, I don't like to mess around with other nationalities. Me, being a half is enough." He said, his expression darkening a little for a moment.

Sachie understood what he meant. Even though it's already modern Japan, many Japanese still don't fully accept those who don't have Japanese ancestors. Though may efforts has been made to lessen the discrimination, she knows that it still exists. Especially for those in the higher hierarchy of the society. You are not a Japanese if you are just half-blooded.

"Ok, what will I do in your room, by the way? I have my own room." She said, trying to stand, "you can just take me there."

Kaname held her at arm's length to keep her from falling. She could smell alcohol from his breath, but more so, she could smell his masculine cologne mixed with the alcohol. It gives off an intoxicating effect on her senses.

"That won't do. I have some female clothes in my room so you can wear them. Then you can go back to your room." He said.

Realization dawned on Sachie. That is why he has been inviting her in his room.

"But why do you have female clothes?" She asked suddenly, which earned her a flash of his pearly white teeth as he looked at he

r with mischievous smile.

"Do you really have to ask that, Sachie?"

She could not think of a reply.


In Kaname's room, he gave her a plastic bag with some clothes on it. Then pointed to her the changing room. The changing room was just a room with a curtain as the partition. Sachie found it secured enough.

She took the bag from him and walked to the changing room barefoot, while her left foot was still aching. She hurt it badly when she tried to stand by herself, but she pretended not to feel it because he might offer to carry her again. She could not take it anymore. Being too close to him is not just a good idea.

Because it was a bit dark, she turned on the lights and began to undress. She had difficulty pulling down the zipper of her dress but she did manage after really trying hard. It took her almost 3 minutes to change her clothes. She saw a pair of sleepwear there actually, and underwear. Her cheeks flushed as she looked at the sexy lacy underwear.

To whom did he really prepared it for? She thought.

Never mind that Sachie, it won't do you any good. Of course, it must be for his bedmate-to-be.

As she finished dressing up, she looked at her appearance on the mirror, it was a set of long pajamas that was almost fitted at her. Only, it was too long.

Gosh! How come I am so small! She thought and bent down to roll the bottom of the pajama.


Kaname did not expect that Sachie would turn on the lights in the changing room. When he saw the lights flickered before it turned on completely, he could not bring his eyes to look away. He watched her shadow as she undressed herself, her difficulty in pulling down the zipper, and her whole naked body was seductively outlined by the light.

He noticed how she took the underwear and eyed it, probably hesitating to wear the sexy materials. He gulped down several times as she turned to her side, giving him a wonderful view of her shadow, her taut front and voluptuous back.

When did she grow up to be so sexy? The little girl who used to run after him and Hiro has just evolved into such a luscious piece of flesh. The tightening of his pants jerked him up and before she could come out, he decided to go inside his bedroom.

If Sachie would see him that time, she would probably run away looking at the bulge in his front. He could not humiliate his best friend's sister, after all. That is why instead of using those clothes for his latest conquest, he decided to let her use them. He should have bought a more wholesome underwear.

Now, his perverted mind is thinking about how the lacy fabric was fitted perfectly on her private parts.


Sachie frowned when she did not see Kaname sitting at the sofa where he was before. She decided to check his bedroom. It was closed so she knocked.


"Yeah, " he replied.

"Umm, thanks for the clothes, I'm going back to my room now." She said, thinking what is he doing in his room?

Don't tell me, he already has a girl inside?

Sachie felt so disappointed. She began to walk back as she took her dress and placed it inside the plastic bag, then her stilettoes as well.

Can't he at least wait until I'm gone? Geeez!

"Sachie, wait." She was surprised when Kaname came out from his room, he has also changed his clothes. He is now wearing his casual shirt and a khaki shorts. He looked like some of those male fashion models, that whatever he wore will look good on him.

This is so unfair, she thought.

"I will walk you back to your room." He said with an expressionless look.

"Oh, you don't have to, " she said, don't keep your girl waiting, she added at the back of her mind.

"It's alright, the bar is on the way so it's just like we are going on the same direction." He said, walking towards the door, then stopped and turned his face to her. "Don't worry, I won't taint the reputation of my best friend's sister."

He then opened the door, not noticing the sad look on her face as she followed him out.

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