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   Chapter 1 You want to go to my room

Under the Sakura By Elria Cortez Characters: 7105

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Sachie carefully adjusted the neckline of her off-shoulder dress. It's already night time and she would have changed into a more casual attire. Unfortunately, her suitcase that has all of her change of clothes is locked on the trunk of Hiro's car. And she could not see him.

Probably enjoying the rest of the night with his wife, she sighed.

She looked at her soles which started to feel sore wearing her 5 inches stilettoes. Why did she ever wear them?

Yes, it's because she wanted to look great with her dress as a secondary sponsor in the wedding of her father, Yukio Yamashita, and his new wife, Andrea Castillo. Who could blame her? With her height of only 151cm, she definitely, badly, needs to wear heeled shoes.

Whose fault is this anyway? She is the only one in her family who is less than 160cm. Her father is 173cm, her deceased mother was 162cm, and her brother is 178cm. Even her half-sister, Ivy, is 163cm.


Was she cursed when she was born to be a little lady forever?

"Hello there, little lady, "

The way her thoughts were going, she would be so delighted to bare her fangs on the first person who would call her 'little'. As she turned her head, she was so ready to snap and throw a fistful of swear words, if only…

He is not him.

Instead of swear words, the first word that came to her mind was, 'OMG'.

Yes, Oh My God. Looking at her with an amused look on his devilishly handsome face, is Kaname Hill, her brother's best friend.

She almost literally have to touch her jaw and put them back together as she looked gaping at Kaname. Upon realizing her horrible appearance due to his amused look, she turned her face back and tried to calm her senses.

'Don't be too obvious, Sachie. You are facing the God of Pheromones. One wrong move and you'll get pregnant.'

She inhaled and exhaled a few times before she was able to muster her courage, stood up, and turned to face him.

"Hello, Big brother Kaname, " she said, masking her excitement with her sweet smile.

Kaname grinned at her, obviously noticing her dilemma as she winced with her sore feet. They are literally red, after all.

"You don't look good, little lady. What's wrong?"

Little lady. The heck!

"Big bro, will you please stop calling me like that? I'm not a…little lady anymore." There it goes, she finally said it. She is literally a little lady, but she's already 22 years old, and already a Bachelor's degree holder. Plus, only her height is little.

She pushed her chest forward, trying to emphasize that she is not a little lady anymore. She has a big 'front' and a big 'back'. Most of her classmates in the university called her little Kardashian, owing to her hour-glass figure.

Kaname's eyes looked a bit lower, and a twinkle in his eyes told Sachie that he just thought of something perverted against her. Her cheeks reddened at the thought.

Careful Sachie, you don't want to be a pregnant virgin, right?

"Will you stop looking at me like that, Big bro?" she said, hiding her embarrassment with a hint of annoyance.

"Like what?" Kaname asked, stroking his chin as he turned his face to meet her lovely little eyes.

"Like you will impregnate me." She snapped, and was almost wished to be invisible when he laughed out loud. Some visitors stared at them, hearing his hearty laughter. She was so embarrassed.

"Shhhh!" Sachie said, placing one finger over her pink lips.

It took a while before Kaname's laugher died. Even so, he was holding his stomach as he suppressed to laugh more.

Sachie just looked at him, wondering why even laughing, he still looks so good.

"Sorry, little lady…"

"I told you, stop calling me little lady!" she snapped, already at the verge of her patience.

Kaname finally stopped laughing and looked at her intently, she felt her heart would pop out of her chest any moment.

This is not good, if he keeps on looking at me like this, I'll be having a heart attack!

"Ok, then you must stop calling me Big bro as well." He said, obviously teasing. "Just call me Kaname from now on, and I will stop calling you little lady, Sachie." He added.

"Ok, " she said, crossing her arms on her chest, further enhancing her size.

Although her dress is off-shoulder, the neckline was not too low to show her cleavage. It was actually one of those old designs that only show a peek of her collarbones and part of her shoulders.

"That's better, " Kaname said, and before she knew what happened, she was already on his arms.

"What the… put me down!" She gritted her teeth so as not to shout in the middle of the party. Although the party has been over for an hour already, still, many visitors remain. Mostly from the relatives of Andrea and Ivy.

"Shhh, don't squirm too much, Sachie. Otherwise …." The look he casted her made her shut her mouth and covered it.

"Good, " Kaname's lips twitched a little as he walked out of the room. She became silent for a few minutes, looking at the direction that they were going.

"Where are you taking me?" she asked, still has her hands on her mouth, casting him a suspicious look. She felt that the excitement in her heart was turned to fright.

"Relax Sachie, " He said, not looking at her, and after a while, she landed on her butt at something soft.

He put her on a couch at one of the open cottages. The cottage was not too far from the others, but it was a bit darker since the nearby cottages are not occupied.

Kaname then sat on the same couch.

"Now, you can relax your feet, my lady." He said, winking at her.

Only then that she understood his purpose for bringing her here. He already noticed her sore feet and decided to carry her because she could not even stand, much more walk with her heels. She was planning to wait until everybody was gone then she would take off her heels and will go barefoot to her own room. She felt guilty because she has been silently accusing Kaname of lewd thoughts early when all the while he was just worried about her condition.

How foolish.

She lowered her eyes, her fingers fidgeted on her lap.

"S-sorry. Thank you." She said, feeling stupid whether to thank him first or apologize first.

Kaname suddenly leaned on his back, with his arms on his head and turned to look at her. She could not understand if he was looking at her with disappointment or something. But she was sure that his look was not that of a pleased expression.

"Isn't it about time for you to change your clothes into something casual, Sachie?" He suddenly asked, not accepting her apology, nor acknowledging her gratitude.

"Yes, but my suitcase is locked on Brother's car." She said, still not meeting his gaze.

"I see, and your brother might not come out from their love nest until tomorrow." He remarked casually, unmindful of the rise on color in Sachie's cheeks. She turned her face sideways.

"You want to go to my room?"

Her face snapped back to look at him. Did she hear him right? He is inviting her to his room, that's what he said, right? She swallowed and looked at him with disbelief.

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