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   Chapter 92 Not Goodbye (FINALE)

The Brother Who Hates Me By Eustoma Characters: 5537

Updated: 2019-05-16 16:37

[Hon… be sure you are at home at 7pm. I'm gonna make you the happiest man on earth.]

Jordan was scratching his head as he read the text message he received from Raven…

His face and ears were all red. He assumed Raven would not make him sleep for tonight by dominating their bed once more.

'Is she fertile now?' He thought inwardly. Well, he was always happy because of Raven.

He smiled wickedly before he typed his reply to his wife…

[No need hon to make me the happiest man because having you alone already makes me the happiest man alive on earth that I couldn't ask for more. I love you so much my dear wife.]

Raven felt so happy and flattered. Jordan's words made her heart flutter with so much joy.

She replied quickly.

[And i love you too my dear husband… *kiss and hug emojis]

"It's so good child… I'm sure Master and Jordan will be so happy." Nanny Rong said happily as she looked at the dinner prepared by Raven on her own for Jordan and Senior Choi.

It was a complete feast and all the dishes were the favorites of father and son.

Nanny Rong too couldn't wait for Senior Choi to hear the good news. Good thing that her Master's heart was in good condition so he won't have an attack because of too much happiness.


Ten minutes before 7 PM, Senior Choi and Jordan reached home and went directly at the dining area.

"What's this? Is there an occasion?" Senior Choi asked as he settled down on his sit.

"Are we going to have a last supper?" Senior Choi added in a jest.

"No Master - it's a celebration." Nanny Rong said smiling widely.

"It's no one's birthday so why would there be a cake in here?" Jo

t's the best for you guys. Wherever grandpa will go. I will always look after all of you." Senior Choi said stuttering.

He could feel that it's almost time…

He looked at Raven and Jordan who was beside him from the other side of the bed.

Both were smiling lovingly at him.

Raven hugged him tight and kiss him.

"Father, I love you so much. You are the best man in my life…" she whispered. She was suppressing the tears that wanted to flow out from her eyes. She wanted that her father would last see and remember.

Jordan also hugged him and Raven.

"Don't you dare cry you brat. Remember this is not goodbye because I will always be with the both of you… inside your heart… and I will not leave..." Senior Choi murmured stammering as he could feel the air was almost leaving him breathless…

"Yes father you will always with us… Marked in our heart…" Jordan whispered and saw his father closed his eyes with a peaceful smile.

Yes, this was not goodbye because their father will always be alive in their hearts. All the memories with him will be treasured and always remembered...

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