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   Chapter 91 The Good News

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Updated: 2019-04-22 22:52

Time flew so fast...

Both Jordan and Senior Choi got busy with the company.

Meanwhile, Raven did not want to stay at home and do just nothing. She wanted to help her family with all the strength she could give or by any possible ways she could think of.

So Raven did a home school studying for business.

Jordan hired the best accredited professors for her in house schooling.

Raven was focused as she answered the trial exams prepared for her so she could pass the first year for business administration in advance.

However, her yawning and sleepiness kept on disturbing her focus.

Lately, she's been too sleepy often and she was getting lazy as time goes by. Her stomach suddenly felt weird and she had the urge to vomit and so she ran at the sink immediately and let it out.

"Oh God..." she murmured as she realized something.

Excitement took over her body just at the thought that she could be pregnant at that moment because of the symptoms she was having lately.

She walked towards her room carefully because she wanted to avoid running as much as possible. She opened her drawer where she kept all the pregnancy test kits of different brands.

She picked each with different brands while she could feel the sudden rush of nervousness throughout her body.

She went inside the restroom and checked if she's already pre

eeds to eat and thing she needs to do and must avoid?" asked Nanny Rong.

Then Nanny Rong asked also for the pros and cons of having a twin…

Raven laughed and said in a jest, "Nanny Rong, the doctor will think you're the one pregnant."

Tears were still welling up in Raven's eyes so she wiped her tears…

She couldn't measure the amount of joy and happiness she was having that time. She felt like flying and all like she was on cloud nine.

She couldn't wait to tell Jordan and her father the good news that she wanted to hunt them down wherever they were as soon as they finished at the hospital.

But then she knew how busy they were so she decided to just wait for them to come home instead and give them a surprise dinner with her bolt from the blue announcement of the good news.

So she texted both Jordan and her father that they must arrived home for dinner at 7:00 PM sharp.

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