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   Chapter 90 Once I’m Gone

The Brother Who Hates Me By Eustoma Characters: 4400

Updated: 2019-04-06 22:54

Senior Choi looked at the board members intently. Jordan was sitting beside him.

The board members were exchanging meaningful gazes but none dared to speak out.

"Who among you question the capability of Jordan to handle this group? Now is the time and let's hear it. I called for this meeting to clear things out since it came to me that the board members have a lot of uncertainties going on. What are the things you have, that would be convincing enough to question Jordan on how he was handling Choizen Group? Prove that he is not capable enough to handle everything once I'm gone and I will hear it…" Senior Choi said calmly.

Jordan who was listening frowned. He did not like his father mentioning the words 'once I'm gone'. It's just hard for him to hear it and it pained his heart even though he was aware it was bound to happen.

He was still not ready to let his father go and just the thought of it tears his heart apart…

One of the board members cleared his throat and said, "We do think that Jordan is still young to handle a large group as this and currently most of the investors pulled out from the Group's project and some put on hold the signing of contracts because of your heath issues Chairman."

Senior Choi with a smug look answered, "It's normal to encounter something like that in

up and I witness how he started from scratch and walk his journey to bring it to where it is now… Bearing that in my mind and heart… Choizen group will rise as high as it can be while the Choi's lineage remains…"


Inside the car, Senior Choi patted Jordan's shoulder. "I'm so proud of you son. I know you are better than me so I'm not worried at all. I'll leave this place peacefully for sure with confidence that my son will take good care of everything especially my big Raven…"

"Dad, I'm not comfortable whenever you say those things. Can we change the topic and discuss more about business stuffs or any other things not just that one." He said in a down tone.

Senior Choi laughed and jokingly said, "You brat, don't be a sissy. We will all come at this point. So you must stay strong or if not I'll hunt you on your dreams as a ghost and scold you often!"

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