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   Chapter 89 Rest Day

The Brother Who Hates Me By Eustoma Characters: 4919

Updated: 2019-03-13 11:54

"What is going on? Who is responsible for leaking the patient's data!!!" Dr. Chan shouted at the entire room.

"I will get to the bottom of this and whoever is responsible will face the heavy consequence for breaching the contract on patient's privacy and confidential details!" The doctor continued to hiss in fury.

He was deep red and burning mad.

He was watching the early news this morning when suddenly flash news came and reported that the Chairman and Owner of Choizen Group will die soon.

He already called Senior Choi and he was very relieved that the old man was calmed as expected and he said that he will deal with the news.

He coughed as if he was choking when he recalled the old man's mocking words on the phone, "Well I already expect this will happen. I knew you're not capable enough to handle such small things. Geez, you should train your juniors well and avoid playing golf too much…"

Then Dr. Chan slightly laughed. He was already used to Senior Choi's bantering so he was not offended at all and because he also knew that it's just a natural thing to Senior Choi who loved jesting around.

However, he's blood was still boiling for the people under his wing responsible for the information leakage.

'How dare those bastards mess with my patient!' he cursed once more as he walked towards the CCTV footage room of the hospital.

He will definitely find out the culprit within today by all means…


True enough; the news

as still the serious economic news.

She also noticed that Raven was eating a lot lately. It's like her mouth never stopped to chew on something.

Nanny Rong's eyes suddenly widened when an idea crossed her mind.

"Child when did you have your last period?" Nanny Rong asked excitedly.

Raven laughed hard because she knew what's on Nanny Rong's mind at that moment.

"Nanny Rong, I'm monitoring the count you know. It's too early to tell. I need to wait first if my period will arrive after one and a half week. So until then let's not expect okay?" Raven said as she winked.

She too was excited and can feel some changes with her mood and body. However, it's too early to tell so while they are waiting, she was more focussed on working harder to attain her pregnancy.

She wanted a sure ball win. For the meantime, she needed to be more careful from now on just in case. So she will stay at home for two more weeks and will avoid getting out as much as possible.

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