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   Chapter 88 Carrying You Upside Down

The Brother Who Hates Me By Eustoma Characters: 4428

Updated: 2019-03-12 09:44

Jordan did not know if he will burst out to heavy laughter or just suppress it as he looked on Raven's position right now. She's been staying with that position for two minutes now.

"What? Stop grinning!" Raven hissed when she noticed Jordan was staring at her with an amused face.

"Nothing, it's just that don't you feel stiff already? It's been two minutes now…" He said with a sweet smile while he tried hard to stop his laughter.

"No! I need five minutes more to make sure that your semen will flow inside and reach the egg. It must not go to waste… If I stand up or sit or lie down, there's only 50% chance of the semen to penetrate my egg…" Raven explained on a serious tone as if she was some kind of medical expert.

She studied hard and even joined forums in the internet and asked others online for advices and tips. And she accumulated enough information that she already applied a while ago.

Her waist and legs were all up the wall while she tried to maintain the posture for minutes long. She did not even care how funny she looked like right now.

Well, it's not part of what the doctor had advised her but it's her own critical idea. She felt that she needed to do all kind of efforts and try all the possibilities on how to get pregnant in an instant.

"Geez, I can't concentrate… I said stop s

like she's been crushed too easily and no one had even dared to do that to her except the Choi. Yes they were powerful but their family was comparable with them when it comes to wealth and power.

The Choi was experiencing a slight fall-out right now so adding this spice of the Chairman's health might be a good opportunity for her.

Well she was impressed with Jordan's capability on handling things but she believed that Senior Choi still had that biggest reign for everything. So, maybe she should try to start with the Old Man instead on focussing at Jordan.

Then she will get back to that Raven in full blast. Just the thought of the bitch' name make her blood boil. She was nothing but a foster child who got lucky to be under the protection of the Choi.

"Tskk, you only have that face bitch! You are so nothing without the Choi but a slum!" she scoffed annoyingly.

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