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   Chapter 87 Big Raven Become Brazen

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Updated: 2019-03-11 09:06

"Don't you have work today?" Senior Choi asked Jordan during breakfast seeing that he was not on his business suit but still wearing his sleepwear instead.

Jordan grinned as he looked at Raven who was busy eating then he looked at his dad then pointed his lips to Raven's direction.

Senior Choi's forehead crumpled and said, "What's with that lips pointing to Raven?"

The old man also copied Jordan's pointing lips while he said the words. Raven laughed seeing his father's pointed lips towards her.

"He'll be on a week leave father, " Raven spoke as she winked on her father.

"Why? Is he sick?" Senior Choi blurted out. Then he shifted his gaze to Jordan and asked, "Are you sick son?"

Senior Choi was alarmed this time. Jordan blushed hard and was so embarrassed to answer...

He looked confuse and said, "Son? Is there something wrong with you?"

"Father stop it... Jordan is not sick. He'll be busy with important things than work, both of us will be busy so don't disturb us for one week okay?" Raven said then blinked an eye before she stood up.

"Common darling, time to get up and exercise..." Raven said sweetly while she looked at Jordan seductively.

Jordan gulped and quickly followed Raven.

Meanwhile, Senior Choi was left behind with mouth wide open.

'When did my Big Raven become brazen like that?' He thought silently as he continued his breakfast.

"Old Master, Dr. Chan called to remind you of your appointment today, " Nanny Rong said as she entered t

old man was doing.

Because most of all cases like Senior Choi, although not all, the patient usually not recovers fast like the way he does. So Senior Choi was one of the few who were lucky enough to become healthy as a bull.

He started the interview and he was quite surprised on how good Senior Choi was doing for his daily routine.

"Oh I'm impressed you never missed a thing with all my instructions, " Dr. Chan said sincerely.

Senior Choi laughed and said, "It's because I have a goal to live long as much as possible my friend… The only thing that's not yet complete on my bucket list is to play with my grandchild. So until then, I'm trying my best to live a healthy life and compete with death."

Senior Choi winked at Dr. Chan who just shook his head while he admired the fighting spirit of Senior Choi.

Senior Choi sigh, it was a sigh of relief. Yes he will fight death with all his might… just to see his grandchild then after that, death can pick him up anytime it wants…

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