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   Chapter 86 Tame Husband

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Updated: 2019-02-07 16:16

Jordan suddenly wanted to laugh when he heard Raven said that she was also working hard because he can definitely raised a second the motion on that.

"Wifey, are you sure we will do it here?" Jordan whispered in a hoarse voice. Raven did not answer and just positioned herself to cover his thing fully with her warmth.

"Uh huh, you don't want to?" Raven asked as she began to move slowly and gently while looking at Jordan with her beautiful eyes. Then she smiled seductively.

"I can stop any time if you don't want it?" She said teasingly as she slightly paused to wait for his response.

Jordan creased his forehead. 'Since when did his wife become a sly? She even knows now how to tease him.' Jordan thought inwardly. But he was obviously enjoying whatever Raven was doing.

He quickly cupped her wife's face and kissed her lips hungrily while his one arm and hand moved to her waist as he continued with her previous rhythm.

"No, don't ever stop. I want you to continue forever." He whispered hoarsely between his kisses.

Their love making continued for more than an hour. Raven was making sure to make him release more and more of his seeds inside of her. She doesn't care at all with the stinky smell


Jordan: ".....?"

Then he just nodded like a tame husband obeying his wife when Raven moved on top of him as she bit her lips and winked at him.


Meanwhile at the Mansion, Senior Choi was staring at the television with Nanny Rong beside him.

"Do you think my first grandchild will be a boy or a girl?" Senior Choi suddenly asked.

He was watching a show on how to take care of babies as soon as they came out from the womb and how to teach them as they grew up.

Then he turned around and saw Nanny Rong was closing her eyes to sleep.

He turned up the volume that suddenly startled Nanny Rong who sit up straight and said, "Master what happened with the babies?"

"The babies died because the Nanny slept during duty." Senior Choi said while laughing.

Nanny Rong: "……...?"

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