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   Chapter 84 Pray As One

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Most midnight, Jordan will wake up because of Raven's small cries. She was praying hard for hours without a miss, asking that their dad be given enough energy to spend longer years with them. He would also hear her asking for a success pregnancy that their dad be able to at least have that simple request of his granted.

This time, Jordan joined his wife in prayer. They both ask the same request with a sincere heart hoping it will be heard from above.

There was a time when he even joke after their prayer, "Why do people tend to only pray when they need something?" He just realized that and he felt bad for being like that.

Raven laughed and said, "Well now at least we realized that it's important to say even just our little thanks and appreciation on what we have because sometimes we tend to forget that and we only realize things once it was gone or we face some difficulties in life."

"Alright, let's do this always, whether good or bad let's pray as one like this every night." Jordan murmured as he hugged his wife to sleep.


Raven's days were spent mostly with her father while her nights were spent solely for Jordan. The latter complied with all her wife's commands and demands without complain.

Even with the drinking of vitamins and herbal stuffs were timely alarm

ound. Unlike before, he looked like someone who age by 10 years more because of stress and being overworked lately.

"Father, come here and let's eat." He heard her daughter's soft voice. He quickly got up and sat beside his Big Raven.

"Wait I will take a picture of you guys – you looks perfect, " said Nanny Rong who quickly rose up and took several shots of the Choi Family.

'Old Master looked so handsomely happy.' She thought as she scanned the photos. She too never ceased on praying and going to church often for her Master's life to be extended so he can have more time to spend with his future grandchild. How nice would it be to see him playing with little Choi kids?

Then she looked at the married couple. 'These two should be just locked up in one room by themselves for two months.' That's what she would do if only she had the power to decide.

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