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   Chapter 83 Willing To Be Drained Up Alive

The Brother Who Hates Me By Eustoma Characters: 5494

Updated: 2019-01-28 14:15

Jordan arrived at their house ten minutes before seven o'clock and he went directly in their room.

His father had informed him already that Raven already knew everything.

When he entered their new room he found Raven on the bed crouching in a sitting position as she was hugging her bended knees.

He can hear her sobbing and it was breaking his heart. He quickly ran to her side and hugged her.

Raven punched his chest several times.

"I hate you! Both of you! Why do you have to keep me in the dark like this? What if something went wrong during his operation? I am not beside him at all!" Raven voiced out her pain to Jordan.

"Sshhh... I am sorry. We thought it's the best thing to do that time. Dad was fine now, the operation was a success. Let's just think on how we can make the best of what we can give him right now while he was still with us." Jordan responded in a low tone.

He held Raven's face while wiping her tears away.

Then he kissed her forehead, eyes, nose and lips very gently as if he wanted to soothe all her pains and heartache away.

Raven creased her forehead and pulled Jordan abruptly on to the bed as she rolled on top of him.

"You have to work harder right now and always make time for me every day! You should be home every day at exactly 7PM for dinner and we will go to bed at 9PM. No more working once you're at home!" Raven hissed while she looked intently to Jordan.

Then she quickly took off her clothes and Jordan's clothes.

"Aren't we going to eat dinner first?" Jordan asked out of nowhere because he was caught off guard by Raven's actions.

Not that he don't want it; but

'll be down soon." Jordan replied still in a good mood.

"You looked so happy huh? Just make sure to work hard for my grandchild after pressuring me to make my Big Raven cried so hard! Don't think too much about the company. Let Lou handles everything for now with my supervision and spend more time with Raven." Senior Choi said simply.

Jordan just sighed, yes it's possible but still he doesn't want his father to be burdened and even more be stressed out with the matters of the company.

"Nope, you just enjoyed and go out with Raven while I am at the office. Don't worry, your son can do things at the same time so don't mind me. Besides, I am sure you will soon have that grandchild you'd be dreaming of." Jordan said as he laughed and blinked an eye to his father who just shook his head.

He was so positive on it because he no longer needs to trick his wife just to make her pregnant. This time, Raven seemed to be unwavering to drain all his energy for that goal.

Jordan was so happy inside because he was so willing to be drained up alive by his wife as long as she wants.

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