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   Chapter 81 Bad Dream

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Updated: 2019-01-21 13:45

That same day, Senior Choi had asked Raven to come to his room where he opened a storage box full of photo albums and various things.

"It was actually from Jordan's mom, it's a collage and albums of our pictures with her various captions from the moment we saw each other and up to the stage of her pregnancy on Jordan. She loved to compile things then adding little stories or notes or her ideas on that."

That's the first time Raven saw those and now she knew where Jordan got and inherited his traits about the adding of notes and comments on her gifts.

"She was like Jordan, he had notes full of comments and interpretations of all my gifts which I just found out yesterday in his room." Raven said then laughed.

She looked at her father who was still staring at his late wife's photo and she heard him said, "She said it's our memories that she wanted me to treasure once she was gone. I'm not sure if it's a premonition or what but Jordan's mom was always saying to me that no matter what happens, I must stay strong on my own like whom I was before I had met her."

"She used to jokingly say that she just added more spice in my life when she arrived so if ever there will come a day that she will leave first, I should make sure to live just fine like when she was not in my life before and she will also do the same."

"But when that time came, it was very hard. She had left me alone with Jordan and I thought everything will crumble. The first thing that came to me was to follow her as soon as possible because of the pain. But then that time, I heard Jordan's voice, my son's loud cries that seems like he was shouting at me WHAT ABOUT ME?"

Raven was listening closely to his father; this was the first time he talked about his late wife. Then he looked at her intently as he held her hands.

"You know all of us will soon reach to our end and it was just a matter of time right? Some even died young by unexpected accident." Her father continued.

Although confused, Raven nodded but deep in h

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