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   Chapter 78 Learn His Lessons

The Brother Who Hates Me By Eustoma Characters: 5155

Updated: 2019-01-17 15:07

Lou was driving and was on his way home when out of the blue he slightly choked.

"Did something happened or someone suddenly thought and cursed at me?" He asked frowning and then turned on the music of his car instead to diminish the unexpected eeriness he felt.

Jordan on the other hand was cursing Lou multiple times inside the bathroom where he took a quick shower and brushed his teeth. 'Is she serious?' he thought helplessly while he held the bottle of mouthwash on his hand.

'Damn Lou!" he cried once more. He instructed him for a delivery but the latter insisted to go out and buy their dinner himself. If Lou doesn't goes out then none of this will happen.

Raven loved surprises so he was sure Raven intended to surprise him seeing she had brought boxes of various foods. Jordan sighed and started to gargle, he slightly opened the door so Raven could hear the gargling sounds and how many times he spat just to finish a bottle.

Good thing that his mouthwash had a fruity flavour and the bottle was just an average or regular size.

"Damn you Lou. I am going to kill you!" he murmured irritably when Raven's words repeatedly rang on his ears – "And don't even think of kissing or hugging me for a week!"

He was dying of longing for her and now with her presence there's no kissing and even hugging for a week?

'Is she really serious about it? That's practically killing him little by little and to think he was innocent and just a victim? That's not fair!' Jordan complained inwardly as he messed his hair because

was just controlling herself when Jordan hugged her waist. She already dropped her words of no hugging and kissing so she must resist the urge.

She looked around the room. It was so Jordan, very neat and cozy with his own bathroom and tub. The television screen was so large like their home movie theatre. There's also a minibar at the side. Seeing Jordan's various drinks, an idea suddenly came to her mind.

She opened a bottle of wine and poured out one of the bottle to the sink then poured half of another bottle out. Then she sat up at the minibar and drank the other half.

She was grinning inside at her own thoughts. Of course she was longing to her husband but she should not back down easily on her own words so Jordan will learn how to take care on things like this. He should be always alert and make sure not to be taken advantage at by snakes like Lin Wang.

She absolutely trusts her husband but not the girls around him so Jordan must learn his lessons but she intended to spare him just for tonight.

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