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   Chapter 76 Her Gifts

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Updated: 2019-01-15 19:10

Raven went directly at home. "My child why didn't you tell us you will arrive today?" Nanny Rong exclaimed. She was so startled to see Raven inside with her baggage.

"Nanny Rong it won't be a surprise anymore if I told you about it." Raven said laughing. The old lady pursed her lips and no longer commented as she walked Raven to their new room.

Raven liked the unisex design of the room. She quickly took out all her newly bought things for their room.

Nanny Rong laughed and teased her seeing that all things were in paired obviously for couples. "You're not fully prepared are you?" she said smiling. Raven's face flushed and happily arranged everything.

Raven smiled when she opened the closet and saw all her clothes were neatly arranged. She creased her forehead seeing the vacant space for Jordan. Nanny Rong noticed it and spoke, "Jordan was not yet using this room. He said, he will only transfer here once you arrived."

She closed the closet and checked the bathroom. "Where is dad anyway? Is he in the office right now?" Raven asked as she put the paired tooth brush inside.

"Yes, he was helping Jordan with the company matters. Jordan mostly stayed out or at the field while your father stayed at the office monitoring everything from there." Nanny Rong

she greeted back all employees she ran into. They all knew her anyway as the important and special person in the Choi family so everyone bowed to greet her as respect whenever they see her. She was smiling as she silently walked towards Jordan's door. It was slightly opened. She quietly entered and was so shocked on the scene that she had witnessed.

Lin Wang was inside and she was kissing Jordan who was sitting on the sofa. Jordan was not moving at all and it seemed like she took that advantage to even sit on his husband's lap and continued with her kissing.

Raven's eyes narrowed her gaze that moment can justify the saying - if looks can only kill -- that absolutely stabbed Lin Wang to death at that moment. She was in full range right now. 'How dare this woman!' that thought was shouting from her head. She quickly walked towards her.

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