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   Chapter 75 Not The Jealous Type

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After buying various things, they went inside the restaurant where Raven's friend was waiting. He actually knew her by face because he often saw her with Raven at school.

Sheena's eyebrow arched when she saw Raven entered the restaurant with a handsome man who was carrying a lot of paper bags which she assumed all belonged to Raven. It was the first time she saw him. He seemed to look too good for a belongings carrier and he was well dressed like Jordan, both striking on their own way.

"Did you wait too long?" Raven asked her smiling. Sheena just shook her head and looked at the man beside Raven instead and said, "He is?"

"Oh this is a friend of mine, one of the part time lecturers of my subject. His name is Eric and this was Sheena, the one I'm talking to you about." Raven said plainly as she sat and got the paper bags from Eric but the latter refused and said, "That's okay I will bring you home girls after this if you have no more stroll later."

Sheena's forehead creased as she scrutinized the man with narrowed eyes. She wanted to ask Raven a lot of questions but it were improper to do so while they were with the guy so she stopped herself and just enjoyed the lunch.

Eric paid for their lunch as a treat for the recognition day. Upon arrival at the apartment, Eric was still a complete gentleman who brought up all their paper bags inside. Sheena offered him a glass of juice and said, "So, how come I never met you or

was not the jealous type. He was a matured man when it comes to things like that. You see how nice he treated Chad."

Sheena just rolled her eyes, 'If you only knew how well your husband was guarding you from guys? Not the jealous type? Hello! Your husband was very cunning!' Sheena wanted to voice it out to Raven. Not to mention her allowance would be really cut short this time for real. And the unsuccessful pregnancy because of her mistake on the date markings of Raven's period.

Sheena sighed deeply. If only he could, Jordan will definitely strangle her up once she told him about that. She was actually planning to rectify her errors after Lou's birthday.

Then she looked intently again to Raven and asked, "when was your first day of menstrual cycle this month?" Although confused, Raven still answered Sheena.

Then Sheena marked it on her calendar and application. She will send it to Jordan after Lou's birthday. She just needed five more days.

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