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   Chapter 74 Buying Things For Couples

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Updated: 2019-01-14 13:56

Jordan's face can't be painted inside the car. The result of his meeting with the investors was not good at all. He was massaging his temples because his head was aching.

The investors refused his proposal because they don't want to compromise. Although everything was solved with the collaboration, it was still considered a failure and it clearly hit their company hard and the credibility of Choizen Group was stained.

Jordan became so busy that he barely got enough sleeps but he still finds time to call Raven whenever he got a chance to do so and same goes with Raven who often called him to give an encouragement. However, both of them have conflicts of schedule most of the time that lessen their communication to each other.

Days passed that turned into weeks then turned into months. Jordan's plans to visit Raven were always cancelled. Raven on the other hand, who was fully aware of the crisis the company has been facing was feeling down lately because she felt useless that she cannot do anything to help Jordan and his father.

Because of this, Raven suddenly decided to continue her study abroad. She started the processing of her papers to shift her course to Business Management. Her current school was the best when it comes to this so she decided to stay and graduate at the same school.

Her recognition day just finished and she intentionally did not inform Jordan and her father about it. She knew how tight their schedules right now and she wouldn't want them to tire their se

e said as she convinced him to try the shirt, jacket, shoes and even the slipper.

Eric shook his head and had a second thought if Raven was really telling the truth. He decided to message their private detective to check on Raven's profile and report to him asap. He did not bother before because he really believed that she was still acting at the campus.

But today was different because they just met unexpectedly and why would Raven even bother to buy things when she clearly accepted his friendship. So there's no more point for lying.

Eric sighed, because Raven was so aloof, just to get near her, he tried the tactic of befriending her first, hoping that the friendship turned out into another level when they got to know each other more along the way because he really liked Raven a lot.

'What if she really was married already? What are you going to do then Eric?' He asked himself inwardly as he looked intently at Raven who was cheerfully choosing a lot of things from the displays.

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