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   Chapter 73 Make At Least Three Children

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Updated: 2019-01-12 21:11

Raven was sighing for at least seven times now and Sheena can't help but commented, "Hey, what's with the sighing?"

"I missed him already." Raven said with a long face. Sheena laughed and said, "Then just go back and be with him. With Jordan's connection you can easily enter any school even halfway."

Raven looked at Sheena and said, "Should I do that then? Isn't that being clingy? He might think I'm too clingy. Besides we already agreed that I will finish this school year. I don't want to look too clingy."

Sheena sighed; she almost forgot how reserved Raven was. She was someone who doesn't share her emotions and also a stoic one.

"Then wait and endure your longing, that's a good thing not to get pregnant anyway, " Sheena murmured straightforwardly. Raven sighed maybe it's better to wait besides it's just a few more months and missing each other during those times can be a good thing also.

"Okay I will just wait, absence makes the heart grow fonder right?" she said jokingly to fight the longing she was feeling.

Sheena laughed; the honeymoon period seemed to be at Jordan's advantage a lot seeing Raven acting like this. Her friend looked so in love right now and it's been two days only since she parted with Jordan.


Raven went back to her class and left Sheena at the school garden. She was not surprised when someone patted her shoulder. It was definitely the tireless Eric. "Hey pretty, how was your spring break?" Eric asked at her with his usual smile as he walked backwards to face her while talking.

Raven s

ve to meet them."

He will visit Raven at the earliest next month, he needed to settle things first in the company. Even though his dad did not say anything, he knew he was worked up while he was away. He will just have a video call with Raven often to lessen the longing he was feeling for her.

Managing a big company like theirs was really hard alone. 'I have to make at least three children so they can help each other to maintain the Choi's legacy.' He thought at the back of his mind while grinning.

Lou was still inside and shook his head as he proceeded to walk out of the room. He just hopes his Boss brings him whenever he wanted to see Raven so he can also meet Sheena at the same time but that was impossible. For sure, he will ask him to take charge while he was away. Not that he was complaining because it showed that he trusted him but it would also be great if he can accompany him just once.

He also missed her girlfriend a lot and his birthday was coming. He would love to celebrate it with Sheena this time.

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