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   Chapter 72 Father And Son’s Shameless Tandem

The Brother Who Hates Me By Eustoma Characters: 5285

Updated: 2019-01-11 11:23

Jordan left in the evening, as soon as Sheena had arrived. He flew back to report directly at the office.

When he turned his phone on he got a lot of unread messages and most particularly came from Lin Wang. The woman was a hard working one and was so hands on with the collaboration project between their companies.

As soon as he arrived at the office, Lou reported everything, not leaving even the tiniest information out on what had happened while his Boss was away.

Jordan sighed, "I am sure dad was so drained. Have someone buy his favourite fruits that I can bring at home. I will leave the office early today."


Senior Choi was on a very good mood upon Jordan's arrival. He was watching the news.

"Son, can I expect a grandchild soon? I hope you did not waste those days for nothing and did not continue with your slow movements on Raven." He said as soon as Jordan entered the living room to greet him.

"You are so eager. Anyway, why didn't you call my personal number pertaining to the company's issue? You should not stress yourself out. You are still recuperating." Jordan scolded his father as he sat beside him.

"What stress? That did not even give me sweat. That bastard responsible will surely rot in jail. But, I had this hunch that someone was still behind those sabotage. Anyway, the floor is yours now. Make sure you eliminate the master mind." Senior said with a serious tone.

Jordan's eyebrows creased and said, "Why? Who do you have in mind?"

Senior Choi shook his head and said, "Who else was there, I am sure it's the Wang's doin

hoi was throwing pointers for his son.

'Is this even normal for the father and son to talk about things like this with each other?' Nanny Rong thought inwardly as she kept on listening with their conversations and ate some fruits.

Then she suddenly interrupted, "You should also consider the position whenever you do it, I think the most effective was what they call the dog style."

Senior Choi's eyes widened. He and Jordan was so consumed with their talking that they did not even noticed Nanny Rong was still around.

"These talks are exclusive for men only. You're off-limits. Why are you still here eavesdropping? Go to the kitchen and check what they are cooking for dinner." Senior instructed while frowning.

"I'm just saying because in that position the seeds can directly flow inside to reach her egg easily, " she added as she hurriedly walked to the kitchen when she saw Senior Choi's eyes were rounding big at her with his reddened face.

Then she laughed out hard at the kitchen that the others inside looked at her bemused.

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