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   Chapter 71 Like Father Like Son

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Updated: 2019-01-10 11:21

"You don't have to drop me off, that's too tiring." Raven commented when Jordan insisted to come and send her to her apartment from the airport.

"I will accompany you until Sheena was not around. It's lonely to be alone you know." Jordan said and winked at her.

Raven no longer refused because in honesty she doesn't want to be separated from Jordan at all.

They arrived at her apartment before lunch. She looked inside the fridge so she could prepare just a simple lunch for them both.

Meanwhile, Jordan rested his head on the sofa. After cooking, Raven set-up everything and walked towards Jordan. She smiled seeing the latter's eyes were close.

His poor hubby looked so tired. It's his fault anyway that both of them lack enough sleeps. She sat beside him and tickled his ear as she whispered, "Mr. Choi wake up. Your lunch is now ready."

She squealed when Jordan's strong arms suddenly lifted her to a sitting position on his lap. He was holding her waist tightly and Raven can't escape his embrace.

"What are you doing, aren't you hungry?" she said with a creased forehead. Jordan just grinned then he kissed her passionately.

Raven laughed when she heard the loud grumbling of Jordan's stomach. She broke free from him and led him to the dining table. "I told you to eat first. Or do you want to get hospitalize again for not eating on time or having an upset stomach?"

Jordan's fac

ed up with and by a piece of thrash. My precious time and brain were even wasted." Senior Choi said mockingly.

Lin Wang's face paled as she rushed out of the room.

Senior Chopi sighed and turned his head to Lou. "You know now what to do. Jordan will arrive tomorrow and I don't want to ruin his good and happy mood over simple things liked this. Make sure to wrap up everything within today." Senior Choi said with a serious and sinister tone.

Lou had never seen this side of Senior Choi yet. It was the first time ever since he entered the company as Jordan's assistant. But he had heard already of Senior Choi's capabilities and how ruthless he was before in the business world. He was known as someone who started from nothing and eventually reached the top with his wits and undeniably ruthlessness to those who tried to tamper or bring down his company.

Now, Lou was truly convinced with the saying "like father like son."

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