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   Chapter 70 Being With Him Outweigh Everything Else

The Brother Who Hates Me By Eustoma Characters: 4815

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Each day the married couple spent together were blissful and memorable. They got to know each other deeper by talking on various stuffs and being opened more towards each other's feelings. They seemed to be more appreciating towards each other, whether in good or bad traits so far.

"Can you do the home schooling instead or maybe you can shift your course to your original desire which is business?" Jordan suggested while they were in their room's private Jacuzzi under the night sky where they saw starts twinkling under their gaze.

"Actually, I've been considering that. Let me finish my first year at school and I will arrange my papers for transfer after." Raven answered. She was leaning her back on Jordan while the latter was hugging her tightly from behind.

"Paper works are time consuming. I will have someone to arrange that for you." Jordan whispered as he began to nibble her ear.

Raven did not response but just bit her lower lip because of Jordan's teasing.

After a careful thought, she had decided to change her course so she would be able to help Jordan and her father in the future. It was what she initially desired and wanted anyway if not only for the misunderstandings she had with Jordan before.

Besides, the main factor was that she was feeling more attached to Jordan. She would love to stay with him more like this. It seemed she would now go crazy if she won't see him for how many more days.


ct his intention and she just drank the glass whenever he will pour wine on it. She's like a lioness whenever she got loose from alcohol. She will always attack him, the kind of attack that gives only great pleasure and ecstasy.

'Should I visit her every weekend and always bring wine?' He laughed silently on his own naughty thought.

He was making plans already on how he can manage to have more time to see Raven often when she goes back to school. He felt he was going crazy if he waited too long to see her.

Jordan then let out a deep sigh. He was actually waiting for Raven to say the words he wanted to hear. Until now, she was not saying those words. Although he felt Raven loves him but still he wanted to hear it from her directly. 'Why is she not saying she loves me in return?' That question has been floating on his mind these past few days.

He can easily asked Raven about it but he doesn't want to. He was waiting. He wanted to wait…

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