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   Chapter 69 A Lot Of Time To Play Together

The Brother Who Hates Me By Eustoma Characters: 4171

Updated: 2019-01-08 11:28

"Ouch." Raven murmured as she rose to sit on the bed. She was still naked and her body felt so uncomfortable and sticky.

"Here eat this first." Jordan said while he fed her the hangover soup.

As soon as she felt better she looked at Jordan with narrowed eyes and asked, "What happened last night? Why do I feel like you took an advantage of my drunkenness?"

"You are the one who took advantage of me. Are you sure you don't remember what you did?" Jordan smiled teasingly.

Then he added still grinning, "Don't you know how wild you were last night that I was practically drained for the first in my life and you keep on insisting that we do it over and over again? That you want more and..."

"Stop. Stop. Stop!" Raven said as she covered her ears with her hands. She was so embarrassed to hear it and was deeply red in color. Jordan on the other hand kissed her forehead and said, "I already prepared a warm bath on the tub. I'll go to the kitchen to cook for you. Go there after you cleaned up. Let's have a heavy breakfast to recharge."

He walked towards the door laughing and turned around to tease Raven more as he said "Oh if you ask for more I am so willing and ready any time just tell me."

Then, a pillow flew over his fac

r simple prayer inwardly, "Thank you for all. I am truly blessed and I couldn't ask for more. Still your grace and mercy remained as you provided me the love of a family that filled up everything despite of my early loss."


"What did you message to Boss last time? I just got an instruction to withdraw the decrease and instead double your allowance for this month." Asked Lou who got curious on what Sheena told the Boss for her to flip the table around with just a text.

"Oh really? I just told him the ovulation day of Raven and gave him an idea to counter my mistake about the condom thing I gave to Raven. I never thought it will be effective. I just actually tried my luck." Sheena said laughing then she hugged and kissed Lou. At last, she can buy his hard working boyfriend an expensive gift on his birthday.

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