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   Chapter 68 Hubby, I Want More

The Brother Who Hates Me By Eustoma Characters: 5148

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Jordan prepared a special dinner for Raven.

"What is this?" Raven asked. The pathway was lighted by candles and at the centre was a table romantically arranged for a dinner.

"This is how they court ladies in the movies, dinner date under the moonlight." Jordan said smiling as he offered the seat for Raven.

Raven pouted her lips and said, "You don't have originality."

Jordan laughed and said, "I can just lock you up and I think that's more of originality." He stood up and was about to pick Raven up and carry her when she laughed and stopped him.

"Hey, I'm not finished yet. You don't have originality but I would rather prefer the cliché move as long as it's from you, " she said while her eyes blinked. Obviously, she was copying Jordan's way of speaking lately.

Jordan laughed so hard, Raven can't help but to blush so hard with her own words. "You're also getting good on words now huh, " He said as he pinched her red cheek.

He signalled the servant to begin with the food servings and the local musician to serenade them with live romantic songs during their dinner. After eating, the drinks were served.

Raven's eyebrows creased and said, "I lose control when drunk and you know that."

Jordan winked at her and said, "That's okay, I'd loved to see how you lose control later on." Raven laughed and accepted the drink and said, "Okay, don't blame me later if you become a battered husband."

Jordan grinned wickedly and continued to pour drinks on Raven just enough to make her tipsy and not to black out

could almost lose his precious seeds out. He sighed with relief when he confirmed that it all entered Raven's body.

He was startled when Raven shifted their position. He was still inside of her. Raven was once again on top of him as she kissed him and murmured, "I'm not done yet."

Just hearing her words, Jordan felt his rod became hard once more as Raven made her movements on top of him while she kissed him passionately.

They were both moaning as they reached the highest peak of their union.

However, Raven was still on top of him and was not moving at all. Then, he felt her hands was starting to caress his body.

"Hubby, I want more. What position do you want next?" she whispered to his ear. Jordan was so shocked on how the alcohol can make her wife go so wild.

But, it was definitely an advantage to him and he won't miss this opportunity. Baby boy or baby girl? It doesn't matter as long as he can produce one after this honeymoon.

He was smiling so wide when Raven began to move on top of him.

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