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   Chapter 67 I Like Everything About You

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Sheena was busy typing, erasing and retyping a proper or convincing message to Jordan. Lou's birthday is coming and she wanted to buy him an expensive gift but if her allowance will be cut short, she won't afford to buy the one she wanted. 'Well, there's no harm in trying.' She thought inwardly as she pressed the send button.

Lou shook his head. Sheena was so busy with her phone lately on how to change his Boss' mind. He knew her message was something definitely to his Boss' advantage, "I wonder how Raven would react if she found out that you two were conspiring against her."

Sheena just laughed and said, "It's not conspiring. I'm just trying to cool Boss down so my allowance won't decrease. I'm not even sure if that would help him but it's a 99%. Come here." She opened her arms wide. Lou smiled and quickly jumped at her.

Meanwhile, Jordan was checking some files on his laptop when he heard his phone beeped. It was Sheena.

[Boss, Raven's egg maturity is on the 16th. Just let her drink that day for a celebration and everything will flow smoothly.]

'That's two days from now.' He thought as he looked at the calendar on his phone. He looked at Raven beside her who was wearing a sunglass. He was sure she was sleeping based on her breathing.

They were outside lying on the swing bed near the beach. The weather was nice, just the enough sunshine to rest under its shade. He put aside the laptop and lay down to hug Raven.

Raven moved and hugged him back. "Jordan, what do you like the mo

when the Boss was away and the Boss had particularly instructed him not to disturbed him during his honeymoon days with Raven.

He was hesitating if he will call the Boss now or not. In the end, he informed Senior Choi first for him to decide on the matter.

"No, don't disturb Jordan. I will deal on this matter while he was away." Senior Choi said on the other line. He called for a meeting and assessed the situation.

Senior Choi quickly dialed numbers on his mobile phone. This was clearly intentional. He was in the business for so long to know the difference of sabotage and a simple mishap.

Smoke was coming out from Senior Choi's nose as he thought, 'How dare those bastards do something like this at this time? Don't they know that this was a very crucial moment for the Choi family especially for him who was expecting a grandchild? I will definitely not let those involve with this disturbance off that easily. They are messing up with the wrong family. Those bastards will face my wrath!'

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