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   Chapter 66 Still Hungry For You

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The next morning, Raven's body was all sore. She had a quick shower and immediately got out of the room. She was afraid that she will not be able to get up the whole day once Jordan woke up with her by his side. She blushed at the thought of how many times they had done it last night. She barely had a sleep last night because of him.

She roamed around the big residence. It was huge and equipped with complete amenities. She saw a tennis court outside and she would love to play later but her body was still aching. She will probably just relax at the beach under the sun later with Jordan. The weather was nice outside.

She went back inside and headed to the kitchen. The servants greeted her. She wanted to cook for Jordan so she had asked them to leave her with the kitchen.

She was cooking wontons and dumpling. Jordan was not a picky eater like her. He basically eats all kinds of food. She played music while cooking. She was in a good mood and slightly dancing. She prepared the pancake with eggs next.

Jordan heard the music and found Raven dancing in the kitchen while preparing the meal. He grinned wickedly. He was hungry but seeing Raven made him hungrier for another thing.

Raven felt an arm encircled on her waist. It was Jordan hugging her from behind while he kissed her neck. "Why didn't you wake me up? Hmm, smells so good."

"Haha, it tastes good also. I'm almost done.

"Make sure that the blame and fault will fall solely to Choizen Group. I want them to go down and have Jordan crawl to me as the only person he needs." Lin Wang said to the man sitting opposite her.

She can't accept that a foster child will have the man of her dreams. Jordan Choi was the first man she had ever laid her eyes on, cliché must it sound but she was struck by the saying 'love at first sight' the moment she saw him at the airport.

She can't accept the fact that she can't have him. She doesn't care how much money she's got to lose just to bring or cripple his company down.

'Let us see if that foster woman who was still studying and a burden can help you out on this.' She thought inwardly with a smirk.

She must let Jordan see the difference of a stable career woman compared to someone who has only her beauty as an advantage. 'She was a parasite that should be eliminated!' Lin Wang thought inwardly.

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