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   Chapter 65 Daddy Will Make Sure To Bring You To Life

The Brother Who Hates Me By Eustoma Characters: 5178

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"Sir, here's the scissor, " Said by one of the helper as he handed to Jordan a regular size scissor.

"Thanks." Jordan replied and went back inside the room. He was grinning at his own thought as he placed the scissor inside the cabinet under his shirts and the box of condoms beside the shirts.

Then he quickly went inside the bathroom and found Raven. Her eyes were closed with her head rested on the bath cushion bathtub pillow.

Jordan smiled adoringly. Spark flared all over his eyes. He was suppressing himself to pounce at her in that second to take her once more. 'Her energy must have been drained because of their previous love makings.' He thought inwardly as he gently soaked himself in the tub beside her.

He moved and gently kissed her jaw line then down to the neck as he adds more dark spots on her clear skin. He heard her soft moan. Jordan lost control and positioned himself between her thighs. He continued with his kissing as he murmured Raven's name.

"Open your eyes and look at me, " Jordan demanded when he felt Raven's arms touched and held his shoulders.

Raven followed and opened her eyes to look straight into Jordan's eyes. Their eyes were both steamy because of the flaming desire they were feeling for each other.

Without blinking an eye Jordan made a quick thrust inside of her. He saw her narrowed her eyes as she bit her lower lip. Jordan stared at her as he began his movements inside of her. He was moving slow at first pulling and pushing as it gradually accelerated while he buried his gaze on he

him or did you forget to report something at him which he happens to know from Raven directly just now?" Lou asked in curiosity. He too was shocked when he received the message from his Boss.

Sheena was in deep thought on what could possibly be the reason that her allowance was decreased. She was sure that she had reported everything to Jordan about Raven including her new part time job as an assistant director on Zhao Entertainment subsidiary at Boston.

She got distracted by Lou's playful kissing on her neck. "That tickles stop it. I can't concentrate on recalling what I did to displease Jordan."

"Don't think too much. You don't need it anyway. I will take good care of you." Lou murmured between his nibbling.

He was suddenly pushed hard by Sheena causing him to fell on the sofa and hit his butt on the floor.

"Oh I got it!" Her eyes were wide opened. "It's probably the condoms!!! I forgot to tell Raven not to mention my name about it!" Sheena exclaimed and started to shake her head like a crazy person.

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