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   Chapter 64 My Wedding Present For You

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Updated: 2019-01-04 00:01

Raven woke up with Jordan's kissing. "Wake up. We're almost there. Look at the window." He whispered on her ear.

Raven quickly opened her eyes and looked at the window, "Wow, it's so beautiful. Where are we?" she said gasping as she looked at the island where the plane was about to land.

"It's your island." Jordan murmured while he kissed her neck and hugged her tightly from behind.

Jordan was so please to hear the excitement on Raven's voice.

"When did you?" Raven asked while she turned around to kiss Jordan.

"I asked Lou to buy one last year then had a group to develop it as is now. It's actually my wedding present for you." Jordan answered smiling while he accepted Raven's sweet kisses. Raven was kissing him like forever while she said the words for repeatedly, "Thank you."

If he only knew that she would react like this then he probably should have bought more islands for her. Her continuous kissing made his manhood below grew bigger once more while their naked bodies brushed to each other.

"Does it still hurt?" He asked Raven between her kisses while he sat on the bed and positioned her on his lap.

"Not that much, " Raven's voice was hoarse as she felt her own body quivering with his touch. He was kissing her mounds, feeding on them like a baby. She felt him lifted up her hips as he readied her to enter him once more.

Raven still felt a little bit of pain as he

a helper and said, "Get me a scissor."


"Old Master, I can feel that your wish will soon come true. With Jordan locking Raven up in that island for a week, our prayers will definitely be answered." Nanny Rong excitedly declared while she placed the bowl of fruits to Senior Choi's hand.

He laughed at Nanny Rong's exaggerated announcement but he did hope her words came true. His operation was successful and thankfully he can do usual stuff and work, the same as before, just he has to avoid any strenuous activities.

He was not cured totally with his disease but hopefully his life span will be extended for more years of continuous treatment.

The doctors were positive about his condition and there's a higher possibility that he can even reach the five years span of time without further complications.

By that time, he just hopes and prays that he will be able to hold a mini Jordan or mini Raven on his arms.

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