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   Chapter 63 Husband and Wife

The Brother Who Hates Me By Eustoma Characters: 5583

Updated: 2019-01-02 20:59

Raven was overflowing with mixed emotions and the first thing she wanted to do was to kiss Jordan so deep that they were both gasping for air when she released him.

"You should finish what you started, " Jordan murmured as he stood and held Raven up. Subconsciously, she encircled her arms around Jordan's neck as her legs were wrapped on his waist.

She smiled at Jordan who was now walking towards the bedroom. Jordan kissed her hungrily and she was answering him just the same. Their tongues savored each other's sweetness like they have been starved by each other's taste.

Raven was wearing a dress so it's easy for Jordan to slide his hand inside it while he pinned her to the door.

His gentle hands unhooked the strap of her bra from her back and he began to caress her breasts. Because of the burning sensation she was feeling, she did not even notice how fast Jordan had undressed her.

Jordan stared at her body for a while and Raven's face reddened as she ran to the bed and hid herself under the comforter. Jordan, seeing how Raven reacted laughed while he quickly took off all his clothes.

Raven bit her lower lip as she looked at Jordan's sword between his thighs that looked so sharp right night now standing high and proud. Jordan pulled out the comforter from Raven's body.

"It's cold." Raven murmured hiding her shyness from her husband. Jordan grinned and said, "I will keep you warm. We don't need that."

Raven was still hiding her sensitive parts with her hands but Jordan pulled it. "What are you doing? I want to see every inch of you up to the last mole." Jordan said in a hoarse voice as he began to kiss Raven. He trailed his ki


She saw Jordan's suffering and kissed him back then said, "No, I am fine. Please continue with your movement. I want you fully inside of me."

Raven arched her hips to encourage Jordan as she hugged him tightly and wrapped her legs to his thighs.

Jordan was sweating as he made his gentle movements, thrusting inside of her very tight opening. Then he pulled out and in as gentle as he could.

Raven can still feel the pain but the pleasure she was feeling at the same time was overshadowing the pain as Jordan thrust deeper on her. Jordan continued with his movements as they looked at each other's eyes. Those eyes tell it all, that they belonged to each other's arms only as their bodies joined together as one.

Jordan was still on top and whispered to Raven's ear, "I love you Raven."

Raven froze, without her knowing tears fell from her eyes as she hugged Jordan very tight. All her worries were washed out with his words. She temporarily forgot the matter of pregnancy and just indulged herself with the happiness she had experienced with Jordan, as they made love as a husband and wife.

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