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   Chapter 62 We Will Be Doing A Lot Of Activities

The Brother Who Hates Me By Eustoma Characters: 4965

Updated: 2019-01-01 22:24

Jordan woke up with a soft body cuddling him. He smiled when he saw Raven's face before his eyes.

Jordan just finished a business deal at Canada and went right to Boston so he can travel together with Raven for their vacation. He was too tired and dead weary but it seems to fade away just looking at Raven's peaceful and beautiful face while sleeping.

How he hoped he'll be able to wake up like this every day with Raven by his side.

Jordan sighed and touched Raven's face. If she only knew how much he misses her. He moved closer and leaned forward to kiss her.

The kiss deepened as he moved on top of her. Jordan was going crazy with the longing he endured for Raven. He felt her move so he paused to look at her who was smiling sweetly at him.

Her eyes were still slow-moving as she spoke, "Your awake, uhm I'm starving. What time is it?" Then she closed her eyes once more as they continued with smooching.

They were interrupted by the intercom.

The flight attendant spoke, "Sir, dinner is ready would you like it to be served it inside or at the dining area?"

Raven answered, "We will be out in a minute to eat. Thanks."

Jordan frowned and Raven just laughed. She knew what's on his mind and she planned to delay it since she haven't check Sheena's thing in her luggage.

She would prefer to be safe than never. It's too early to get pregnant. Then her face reddened at her own thought about doing the thing and pregnancy matters.

Jordan's eyes were as

ou came to us."

Raven bit her lower lip and tell Jordan all the incidences that gave her the ideas of him hating her. Jordan was laughing so hard.

"At the graduation party, you ran without even finishing the eavesdropping? Of course you will never become my sister because you are destined to be my wife." He exclaimed while grinning.

Raven pouted her lips and confronted him with his speech about mentioning the word 'foster child'.

Jordan's face became serious and looked directly in her eyes. "I have to clear that you are not my sister legally and by blood because all attendees in that event were mentioning you as my sister and I just hated that word 'sister' since I don't see you as a sister. I'm sorry if you feel wronged that time."

Then Jordan hugged her tightly and kissed her pouted lips.

"Why? Do you prefer of me to be the brother who hates you? Or a husband who lov…"

His words were shut off by Raven's lips that had locked his with too much intensity.

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