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   Chapter 60 Don’t You Dare Slack Off When It Comes To Big Raven

The Brother Who Hates Me By Eustoma Characters: 4532

Updated: 2018-12-30 18:04

Senior Choi woke up and saw Jordan who sat beside his bed. He was reading a newspaper.

Jordan noticed his father's movement and said, "Oh thank God and you are finally awake. How are you feeling? Do you need anything?"

"I felt nothing at all maybe it's because of the anesthesia. By the way, how did you find out about me?" Senior Choi asked out of curiosity since he missed the chance to ask before the operation. Then he looked at Nanny Rong in the corner with accusing eyes.

Nanny Rong shook her head and gestured a 'No it's not me' eyes to her Old Master.

Jordan's faced became serious and said, "It doesn't matter how I found about it. The point here is that you should tell me important things like this. I felt like I was an incapable son because you were hiding it from me. Don't you know how strong your son is? I can do all things at the same time. And don't ever think you are a burden because that's not true. Nothing else is more important than a family. You always say that. But you did not remember your own words, for not considering how I will feel if I found out about this so late."

Senior Choi just laughed and said, "I'm sorry, you know I'm kind of afraid to see how you would react but I guess I shouldn't worry and depend more to you since you are the best son. Thank you for being here." He smiled lovingly to his son as

sent it.

[It's okay. I'm quite busy at school too. Don't skip meals and I miss you too hubby…]

She was so startled when she felt a hand on her shoulder.

"Hey, what's with you? What are you doing that you are so focused there?" Sheena asked as she creased her forehead with the over reaction of Raven.

"Oh, it's just I am sending a message to Jordan, " she said shyly while blushing.

"Ohhh I see… Well I dropped by and looked for you Mrs. Choi just to inform you that Mr. Choi called me to check on you since he wasn't able to contact you. Well, I guess you newlyweds got a hold of each other already so I will go now. See you at home later." Sheena said in a teasing tone then she walked away.

Raven was in a good mood that for the first time she had smiled at Eric who greeted her when he walked passed her at the corridor.

'So pretty.' Eric thought inwardly and smiled viciously.

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