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   Chapter 59 I am Already Married

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Jordan and Nanny Rong were waiting outside the operating room. Nanny Rong keeps on praying while Jordan was clasping his hands together to ease his own nervousness. The doctor had offered him a room where he can watch how the operation goes but Jordan refused to do so. He can't watch how they will open his dad's body. He had a weak stomach on that.

After long hours, the door opened. Dr. Chan smiled at him. "Mr. Choi, the operation was successful. Your dad was really a strong man. He will be transferred to the recovery room for further observation. We will let you know once he will be transferred back in his room."

Jordan can't help but cry. It's his tears of joy. He hugged Nanny Rong and said, "Thank God. I knew he would make it." Nanny Rong gently tapped his back. She too was crying of happiness. 'Old Master was a really tough one as a bull.' She thought to herself as she smiled.

"Aren't you going back to the company? Go now and I will just call you once Old Master is transferred back to his room." Nanny Rong said.

Jordan shook his head and answered, "No, I will stay. I want to be at his side as soon as he opened his eyes. I have to scold him still, you know."

Then he looked at Nanny Rong directly in the eyes, "You too. I hope this will be the last time you will hide something like this from me even though my dad had requested you." His tone was very serious and Nanny Rong nodded she totally understood the weight of his sentences.


Raven was at the school canteen for her lunch. She looked at

thing again with him? Last year, that's what she's been doing with him. She will keep hiding while he keeps on seeking.

From a distance, Eric was laughing so hard seeing Raven looked at both sides of the hallway before going out. 'That girl was really funny. Why doesn't she try to look at her front?' He thought inwardly. He did not follow her of course at the restroom. He was just waiting outside the school garden where he can see her from a distance.

There's no point telling her his background because she seemed not interested at all. Well, she knows my full name since he was one of her lecturer. Eric sighed, his father has been calling to convince him to go back already and stop playing around. He was the only heir of Zhao Entertainment, the biggest company in the entertainment industry at their country. He was a happy go lucky guy and don't want to stress himself up with company matters and problems. Plus, he liked it here. He smiled as he began to walk and follow where Raven went, inside the library.

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