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   Chapter 58 Tough Guy

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"You just rest well for now to condition your body while we wait the results of your other tests. Once everything is cleared we will proceed with your operation tomorrow." Dr. Chan said. Senior Choi just nodded. He was already wearing the hospital gown in the VIP room with Nanny Rong.

Raven had called him to inform that she already arrived at her apartment. Meanwhile, he sent Jordan away to attend to the company's important matters and said that driver Jun with his assistant will be sending him off instead to the airport with Nanny Rong. He told Jordan that his flight was in the evening.

"Are you sure you don't want to tell Jordan anything right now. I'm pretty sure your son can handle everything since he was more matured compare to Raven." Nanny Rong suggested once more.

She was still hesitant to the fact that she was the only one who knew her Old Master's condition. It's really burdening for her. Why would he tell her only this kind of important matter? She was very nervous inside. 'What if something wrong happened? The kids will definitely get anxious with her also for hiding such an important matter as this.' She wanted to voice out her thought to her Old Master but chose not to.

It was his Old Master's call to decide and not hers. She already tried everything to convince him to at least tell the truth to Jordan but Old Master was firmed and seemed to

an tell that he had fallen asleep after his crying.

'Such a cry baby brat, ' he thought to himself when he opened his eyes and saw Jordan sleeping while hugging his arms. 'Your position will give you a stiff neck brat.' He commented inwardly as he smiled and caressed his hair.

It seems only like yesterday, Jordan was just a little boy who always cried whenever he will see his dad got beaten up or getting sick. And now his boy had grown up to be a strong, intelligent, handsome and a reliable person but still a cry giant now he guessed.

"I am really proud of you son and I love you so much, " Senior Choi murmured.

At the corner, Nanny Rong was still crying silently as she was watching the father and son scene. She was so grateful that Senior Choi will at least have Jordan by his side. Although she was there for his Old Master, nothing beats up the courage and strength you can get from your own blood.

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