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   Chapter 57 How Many Do You Want Dad

The Brother Who Hates Me By Eustoma Characters: 4232

Updated: 2018-12-28 10:39

After her hand service, Jordan hugged and kissed Raven. The he suddenly asked, "Can you just stay here? Study here instead?" Raven remained quiet. Her head was rested on his chest.

Hearing no answer, Jordan sighed and added in a low tone, "Never mind. Do what you thinks is best. I will just find ways to see you every now and then."

"Thank You, " was the only words that came out from her. Raven had set her mind already to her goal. She thought that there's still plenty of time ahead for her and Jordan. Besides, they were married already and that was good enough for her now.

Jordan never let go of Raven's hand while they were inside the car. This was the last day they will be together. Senior Choi who was seated at front spoke, "Big Raven, I will be busy after you left so I may not answer your call most of the time. Don't worry, I will call you as soon as I'm available anyway. So don't worry about me. Nanny Rong will accompany me on my trip so you may call her instead if you want to check this old man."

"You should not stress yourself too much at work. Anyway since Nanny Rong will be with you I will be more at ease. She can take care of you and scold you if you are too stubborn." Raven commented with a laughed. Nanny Rong will definitely no

one might shout for you to get a room. Well, there's a hotel inside the airport and I think you can still make it for me to have a grandchild soon, " said Senior Choi as he looked on his wrist watch.

Then he continued, "You still have thirty minutes to make me a grandpa."

Jordan laughed while he looked at Raven and said, "Shall we?"

Then Jordan shifted his gaze to his father and asked, "How many do you want dad? I will work harder to grant your wish."

Senior Choi laughed harder while Raven smacked Jordan's shoulder and said, "Stop it!" Her face was so deep red of embarrassment. Her father was teasing them while Jordan even joined her father to tease her some more.

Senior Choi just looked at his two kids lovingly. There's nothing more he could wish for. Every scene will be imprinted to his head up to the last moment.

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