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   Chapter 56 Can I Expect A Grandchild Soon

The Brother Who Hates Me By Eustoma Characters: 4806

Updated: 2018-12-27 18:47

Jordan found it hard to sleep while Raven was snoring already. He let out a long deep sighed.

'How can she even snore at this point?' Jordan was complaining inside.

He looked at the sleeping Raven in his arm. She was cuddling him like he was her hotdog pillow. He tried to close his eyes to sleep however Raven moved closer and tilted her face that he can feel her hot breath on his neck.

'This is torture!' he thought helplessly.

The next morning, Raven woke up alone on her bed. She quickly got up to check her father first and she found his room empty. Senior Choi was already at the dining table and he was having a breakfast with Jordan.

"Come here and have breakfast." Senior Choi said. She walked and sat beside her father opposite to Jordan.

Raven's eyebrows creased seeing Jordan's puffy eyes. Senior Choi followed Raven's gaze and chuckled.

"It seems Jordan wasn't able to sleep properly. Can I expect a grandchild soon?" Senior Choi blurted out with a wide grin on his face. Raven coughed and bit her lower lip. While Jordan just sighed and drank his coffee.

Raven quickly changed the topic and asked her father, "How are you feeling better now?"

"I told you that your father was healthy as a bull. Of course, I'm feeling good. Are you all set for your flight later? Jordan and I will send you off." Senior Choi said.

Raven just nodded and started to eat her meal. She was stealing glances at Jordan e

Jordan quickly undressed himself and kissed Raven who had closed her eyes seeing Jordan was taking off his clothes. Then, he took off Raven's shirt and bra while he was still kissing her. His hands were caressing her upper body followed by his lips.

Raven wrapped her arms to him unconsciously however Jordan caught one of her hand and led it down to touch him between his thighs.

Raven understood what Jordan wanted so she held it and started to caress it.

She heard Jordan moaned between his kisses so she continued with her hand movements. She moved faster as she was biting her lower lip, Jordan was just staring at her. His eyes were full of yearning just seeing Raven biting her lip and doing her hand movements on him. In that instant he had let everything out. He hugged Raven tightly and kissed her.

Raven had heard that men usually do this on their own. She can't believe she'll be able to witness Jordan losing control with her help.

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