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   Chapter 54 Healthy As A Bull

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Updated: 2018-12-26 18:25

"It was just a fatigue case and there's nothing much to worry about, " The doctor said to Jordan and Raven.

Raven was still crying so hard while Jordan held her in his arms.

"Thank God. Thank you. I'm so nervous Jordan that I thought I will also lose consciousness." Raven said with a stuttering voice. This was the first time something like this happened. She was weak on this kind of situation. Panic had clouded her while Jordan called for an ambulance.

"Shhh, everything will be fine. The doctor said he was fine already." Jordan tried to calm Raven who was still sobbing.

Jordan went out for a while to talk to the doctor in private regarding his father's condition. His father was too exhausted with all the preparations from Raven's birthday and up to the wedding.

The doctor had advised that he should not wear himself out before the operation. The doctor had advised Jordan that it would be better if his father rest and condition his body in the hospital before the operation. It can't be delayed further.

Jordan understands the situation. He too was confused and with mixed emotions. He was torn between telling Raven the truth or not. Just seeing how she reacted right now his heart ached at the same time.

Senior Choi was already awake. He had asked Raven and Jordan to buy him food he had wanted to eat sin e he hasn't eat yet for dinner.

Jordan sighed because he kn

u need to stay I will take care of you I can delay my flight back as long as you are not well."

"Big Raven, you are over reacting, I'm just too excited with the preparations that's why I over strained myself. You see the perfect result right of the events? That was my hard work. If you don't believe me that I'm fine already then ask the doctor." He said in a low tone with a sullen look then followed by the pouting of his lips.

Jordan sighed. He can no longer take it and said, "Okay let's just go home now so we can also change."

He got it, what his father was trying to do. He had no objection in sending Raven away first. She was too emotional and he also thought that it was best also not tell Raven anything right now. So he decided to go with his father's show.

'Don't worry dad. I will take good care of you. You are sacrificing so much for us already. Hang in there, I'm here with you.' He thought to himself.

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