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   Chapter 53 You May Kiss The Bride

The Brother Who Hates Me By Eustoma Characters: 5467

Updated: 2018-12-25 22:32

"Stop that Nanny Rong." Raven said. She was so embarrassed and Nanny Rong, although not saying any word, was apparently teasing Raven with her meaningful glances and giggling.

"What did I do? I'm just helping you with your gown. Uhm but my child, this Nanny was just curious did you finish doing it?" Nanny Rong asked straightforwardly while she totally ignored Raven's reddening face.

Raven rolled her eyes then she sighed and answered, "Do you think we can still continue after you had peeked on us?"

"It's by accident my child. Don't tell me you stopped after I left?" Nanny Rong asked with a doubtful tone.

Raven nodded and sighed once more. It was an embarrassing moment. After Nanny Rong left, Jordan hugged her tightly and gave her a kiss on the forehead. Raven's face was burning hot when she remembered what Jordan had whispered to her ear before leaving her. 'We still have plenty of time to continue and do a lot of stuff like this.' Those were Jordan's words that were still ringing on her ears.

She cupped her face and bit her lower lip. She was excited and anticipating those words to happen also however she would prefer if they can do it after three years more.

Nanny Rong shook her head and smiled seeing Raven's reaction. Her child was a grown up lady now. She just hopes that sooner or later there's another little Raven who she will look after like her Raven.

Then tears suddenly fell from her eyes. Years passed by so fast and now her Raven will build her own family.

"Nanny Rong, stop crying. You will ruin your make-up." Raven said in a joke and hugged her Nanny who had become a mother to her

Choi held her hands and said, "Big Raven, in marriage no matter what happens, I hope you listen to your heart before making an important decision."

Then he added, "Because the heart knows your true desires. It knows your wants and needs, and what will genuinely make you fulfilled. When we are honest with ourselves, when we are willing to ask ourselves what is truly in our hearts, we open ourselves up to possibility. Possibility to fulfill our hearts desire, and to be who we were truly meant to be, doing what we were meant to do."

Raven smiled and asked on a creased eyebrows, "Father, why are you so serious with the advices?"

Senior Choi just smiled wearily at Raven.

"Father, are you alright?" Raven asked when she noticed that Senior Choi suddenly looked pale and with visible sweating on his face.

Senior Choi smiled and said, "I am okay big Raven. I'm just exhaust…"

He wasn't able to finish the sentence because he already collapsed.

Raven panicked and shouted as she rushed to his side, "Father! Father! Oh my God where's Jordan? Jordan. Jordan! Jordan!"

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