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   Chapter 52 You'll Be Chained Up Tomorrow

The Brother Who Hates Me By Eustoma Characters: 4835

Updated: 2018-12-25 07:33

Jordan's gloomy face was clouding the entire conference room. Tomorrow is his wedding day and they want him to fly over to China because of the setback on their current collaboration project with Wang Motors?

"If your team can't fix a minor thing like this, I will not hesitate to pull back everything connected with our company. My manager will handle everything and fly with you on my behalf."

"But your presence is a big factor to fix the matter without any delays, " Lin Wang insisted.

Jordan sighed deeply and said, "I will not repeat myself twice. That's all."

He dismissed the meeting, ignored Lin Wang and quickly left the room. Until now, he wasn't able to fit his wedding suit. And he had missed Raven so much.

Jordan arrived at home late in the evening. As expected, everyone was already sleeping. Jordan stopped at Raven's door.

He opened it and sneaked inside like a thief in the night. He was dead tired. Just seeing Raven sleeping peacefully wiped-off all those tiredness away.

He took off his coat, tie and shoes and climb up slowly to her bed under the blanket. He kissed her forehead, nose and then lips. Raven opened her fuzzy eyes and smiled at him.

"You look drained." She said as she caressed his cheek. She moved closer to him and hugged him tight.

"Sleep. You'll be chained up tomorrow." Raven said unconsciously before closing her eyes.

Jordan chuckled in silence as he looked at Raven who seeme

nwardly complaining. Then she immediately ran towards Senior Choi's room.

"Old Master. Old Master." Nanny Rong was almost out of breath.

Senior Choi arched an eyebrow and asked, "What's wrong?"

"I think your dream will come true sooner or later." she said excitedly as she reported to Senior Choi what happened.

"Nanny Rong why are you so loose on track most of the time? I am sure by now Raven was so embarrassed that they will no longer continue. Next time you should knock from now on. No, next time do not knock and just wait for them to get out. Leave a message on their phone instead." Senior Choi scolded the old lady.

Nanny Rong just pouted her lips to Senior Choi. She just hope they will still continue what they're doing besides, it was still early. The wedding was at late afternoon. 'Honeymoon before the wedding.' Nanny Rong thought and giggled on her own.

Senior Choi just shook his head watching the old lady giggling on her own.

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