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   Chapter 51 I Only Have One Father

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Updated: 2018-12-24 22:36

Jordan was so busy the following days that he and Raven haven't had a chance to be together at all. Even with the outfit fitting for the wedding, they had a separate schedule.

The collaboration project was experiencing minor hiccups which required Jordan's presence at all times according to his father.

Senior Choi took care of the wedding preparations instead. Since it was just a simple ceremony, everything was easily handled.

"Father, I heard from Sheena that Mr. Cruz of Malvar Shipping Lines had a heart attack and was still at the hospital. It was just too sad to hear that he had no family to take good care of him during this time." Raven commented while she sipped a coffee.

Mr. Cruz was a close business associate of Sheena's father so they had visited him in the hospital. Sheena had mentioned that the old man has no one at all except with the special nursing care assigned by the hospital to take good care of all his needs.

They were in the coffee shop for a snack after the fitting of their wedding outfits. "I think that's the problem for most prominent business man. They do not have time for a regular check up on their health or tend to overlook simple symptoms since they are so busy? You are d

rest room." Senior Choi winked at Raven before getting up to go to the rest room.

He was very touched with Raven's words that his tears were flowing right now. He must conceal it and not let Raven get suspicious at all. So he quickly fixed his eyes and face before going out from the rest room.

He just wanted to check if there's a slightest possibility to tell the truth to Raven. But hearing Raven's answer just erased it all. It would be best not to let her know early.

His doctor had arranged a nursing team who will take good care of him while he stays at the hospital. He will not be completely alone since Nanny Rong will be there. He just hopes to have a fast recovery he will be present whenever Raven will return home.

And his son Jordan, he will tell him the truth eventually, but not yet now.

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