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   Chapter 50 Remarkable Beauty

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Judging by the viral reports on Raven's birthday event last night, it could easily conclude that money spent on her party was definitely worth it – after all, the main goals of throwing the party was to 'introduce' her to the world as an important and special person on the Choi's Family that must not be underestimated.

"Wow, Raven you are a trending topic. The Choi's Princess is a Remarkable Beauty. Hmm... Not bad at all." Sheena blurted out while she was scanning the net on her phone.

Raven just laughed. She was so busy daydreaming early in the morning. Jordan had surprised her last night. He had finally convinced her to do the wedding before she leaves. He also had promised that he will support her all the way and will not do anything which may hinder to her studies and dream.

She was still smiling on her own and Sheena laughed at her.

"Gosh you looked like a princess who was crazy in love with her prince." Sheena said teasingly.

"Oh right so you are saying you will have the wedding this coming New Year right? Before we go back to Boston?" Sheena asked suddenly.

Raven just nodded and said, "Jordan will make all the arrangements. I insisted to have a simple ceremony only with the family and closest trusted friends."

"I don't want to get viral in a row you know. Besides, I think it would be best to be a secret for now. You know the competition on the business world. Jordan having a wife without a background and education may cause a bad impact for him. You know how this world goes." Raven explained further.

Sheena nodded in understanding. Raven was right. Marrying someone like Jordan was not that simple. Of course, you can choose to overlook the bashers and stupid people who like to ruin and cause ruckus on others. That's the ugly reality.

Raven of course wouldn't mind to just ignore them. However, Raven was a perfectionist. She wanted to build herself first so if ever there will be some stupid people whoever attacks her she can counter it with full confidence on her own.

She doesn't want to cause trouble to her father and Jordan. It sometimes felt better to fight your own battle with your own strength than having someone always backs you up. She remembered Raven said that the Choi's already had done so much for her so she wouldn't bother them with simple things like taking care of herself.

"How about the wedding night? Why would Jordan schedule the wedding a day before our flight back. That's weird." Sheena blurted out and tapped the table with her fingers.

"I think it's probably about the consummation thing. Because if you stay longer it will be harder for him to suppress knowing he already had the right to do so?" Sheena made a guess and teased Raven about it.

Raven was burning red right now. Sheena was still laughing and continued to tease her, "I don't get you. Why don't you just ask him to use a protection instead of asking him to delay the consummation of marriage?"

"Stop it already. You know I'm not comfortable talking about stuffs like that." Raven said while she was still blushing.

She wouldn't dare suggest that to Jordan. Although she had thought about that but she will never say that. She was too shy. Besides it's much safer if they don't do it yet. She was not also into contraceptive pills.

"By the way, how was Nanny Rong doing? Of all the days to get sick why chose the day of your birthday." Sheena suddenly asked.

"I'll drop by at the hospital later. Come with me if you want. She will be released tomorrow anyway." Raven answered. Nanny Rong was confined at the hospital the day before the party because of severe headache accompanied by high grade fever.

At the hospital, Nanny Rong was watching the party she missed on Senior Choi's mobile phone while the latter was peeling an apple at the bed side chair.

"Oh my child was so beautiful. She was like a princess in her dress. How many times do I have to curse this fever that I missed such an important event?" Nanny Rong blurted out then followed by a deep sigh.

"Even the gone was wasted. When will I ever wear such a grand gown?" Nanny Rong added with a sour face.

Senior Choi laughed hard, "Don't worry. You still have a chance to be at your best gown on the kids wedding. Make sure you took a lot of vitamins so you will not be absent that time."

"Old Master, did you tell Jordan already your condition?" Nanny Rong suddenly asked. Senior Choi just shook his head.

Nanny Rong inhaled and exhaled a lot of air. "You are stressing me out Old Master. That's why I'm getting weak it's because of you. Can you tell Jordan at least your situation so I will not feel burden every time I will see the kids? I'm sure Jordan will handle it all well." Nanny Rong no longer hesitated to voice out her true feelings.

Senior Choi just winked at the Nanny Rong who answered him with a deep sighed and rolling eyes.

This is not yet the time considering the good things that were happening right now. Besides, he was confident that everything will turn out to be good later on.

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