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   Chapter 49 It's My Heart

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Updated: 2018-12-23 20:48

Jordan was feeling blissful right now because of Raven.

A while ago, he was so astonished when he saw Raven walked at the entrance. He wanted to pull her to his arms and never let her go even for a second. He even hated the feeling when he noticed that all eyes at the room were staring at her beauty.

For the entire time, he kept his distance because he was afraid that his possessiveness might ruin the party. Ruining the party by snatching the celebrant away and just locked her in his room where his eyes can only see that beauty.

Still he managed to be her last dance which he won't absolutely miss.

And now, she voluntarily threw herself to him. She had surprisingly embraced him. She even had granted her give away kiss, just for him. So he cannot measure how overjoyed he was at that moment.

Jordan let go of Raven and held her hand as he led her to walk inside the hotel elevator to go up.

"Why are we going up? I thought we'll be leaving already to go home?" Raven asked as she looked at him. Jordan chuckled and answered, "You'll see."

They stopped at the highest floor of the hotel. As soon as the elevator opens Raven eyes widened. They were at the

daughter like this already filled his heart with gratification and joy as well. He closed his eyes, looked up and murmured, "I am no longer afraid. I'm ready whenever and wherever you wanted to take me."

Yes at first he was very afraid, although outside it doesn't shows. Even for his coming operation, there are still worries that bugging him but right now he was so confident. He believed that he can overcome all including his battle to his disease.

He dialed a number on his phone and said, "Make sure that all was well documented. I wanted the full video file by tomorrow on my phone."

He will not get tired to watch a beautiful and loving scene as that. It was much better than a kissing scene...

Then he laughed at his own thought the left the two love birds behind.

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