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   Chapter 48 Mark Her Own Property

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Updated: 2018-12-22 17:31

Raven gave a small speech at the party where she thank the God Almighty because of His greatness to her life that even though she had lost her biological parents, she had been granted by a family who supported and had loved her like a real one.

"This is every little girls dream. I was like a Cinderella who happened to have a fairy Godfather instead of a Godmother." Raven said in a jest while she smiled and looked at her father. The crowd laughed.

Raven's face became serious as she looked to her father with love and full of appreciation. Then she continued, "A Godfather who became a father and a mother to me at the same time. Your blood may not run through my veins but your parental love will definitely be marked in my heart forever. Thank you so much father."

Raven's voice was stuttering because she was suppressing the tears that wanted to flow out from her eyes.

Senior Choi who was crying, winked at her and smiled.

Then Raven said thanks to all the guests who had shared their time for her birthday celebration. "I guess the saying blood is thicker than water don't usually applies most of the time. Right Jordan?" Raven said in a jest before ending her speech.

Jordan laughed together with the crowd.

The party was almost over and some guests were leaving and bid their farewell to the celebrant and the hosts.

President Zhao looked to Senior Choi and commented, "Try to convince you daughter. She will definitely be a hit. We will take good care of her." Senior Choi just laughed. He had invited the latter since it will also be good for their business to be connected to the Entertainment Industry.

He had heard a lot of good feedback on President Zhao and his group. He was a good person and he liked him already the first time they have met. He can see the sincerity to

iving Miss Lin Wang a shock in here. Are you on a movie or commercial thing? This is not a shooting so continue with that later." he said plainly.

Senior Choi shifted his gaze to Miss Lin Wang and said, "I'm sorry for this public display of affection Miss Wang."

Lin Wang's face was so pale. But she managed to smile wryly and bid them goodbye. She did not see something like this will happen. How come she had missed such important details like this?

Senior Choi instructed Lou to escort Miss Lin Wang to her father. Meanwhile, Sheena was laughing hard.

"Why do you always enjoy scenes like this?" Yan commented.

"Who wouldn't? Aren't you also curious how Raven will handle situation like this? You know how calm she was. Well I can still see that she was still calm." Sheena would like to give a big applause to Raven. So her friend was not that naive at all because she knew how to mark her own property at the right time and place.

Then she looked at Lou who passed by them together with Lin Wang. She gave Lou a blink on her left eye. He smiled and made a gesture that he will call her. Sheena just nodded while blushing as she recalled how Lou was so intimate with her the last time.

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