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   Chapter 47 Twister Move

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Updated: 2018-12-22 15:11

"Hi, so you are Raven Lee. I finally got to meet you." Lin Wang said as she extended her hand to Raven and smiled. The girl took her hand and gave her a sweet smile in return.

"Oh, nice meeting you also, " Raven answered with a soft voice.

Sheena and Yan were on Raven's side. They exchanged meaningfully glances with each other. They knew Raven well. If she had found someone insincere towards her, she usually shows that person her sweetest and approachable side but enclosed with a twist.

"I had heard so much about you from Jordan." Lin Wang said smiling. She was obviously initiating something.

'That's a wrong move snake.' Sheena thought inwardly as she looked to Raven who was beginning to launch her twister move. She will definitely enjoy the show.

"Oh really, I'm sorry but Jordan never mention you to me. I wonder what did he told so much about me? Anyway, can you tell me your name so I could ask Jordan later, I'm sure you haven't mentioned your name to me before?" Raven asked innocently with a beautiful smile plastered on her face.

'There you go.' Sheena thought laughing to herself. You asked for this then you'll have it.

"Oh, Miss Lin Wang..." Raven heard her reply in a low tone. Lin Wang's face had a suppressed irritation.

"Oh Wang... of Wang Motors?" Sheena said while she looked at Raven. She smiled sweetly and said, "Ah I remember I saw that on the news before, the company who was collaborating with Choizen Group on a certain project. By the way, these are my friends, Sheena and Yan."

Lin Wang who looked irritated immediately left her group after the pleasantries. Sheena burst in laughter. "Wow you still

n to Senior Choi. She immediately changed her aura and walked towards Jordan to seize the opportunity.

They are talking about the collaboration when a reporter interrupted them. He introduced himself politely and asked the two with regards to the project. The two answered and inform the progress of their project.

Raven was just observing Lin Wang's movements from a distance while Sheena was observing Raven's expression.

"Did you finally notice? I told you before that one, as kinky as a snake." Sheena asked laughing.

With Lin Wang's movements, she was obviously flirting with Jordan. She was being touchy every now and then even in front of the reporter. If you don't know any better, you will get deceive that she had more than of a collaboration thing relationship going on between them.

Raven did not answer but there was definitely something running on her friend's head right now. This might trigger Raven's emotion that was still expressionless up to now. Sheena was just curious to see how Raven gets jealous because her friend was always calm and actually hard to read at all.

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