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   Chapter 46 Stunning Like a Princess

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Raven was still in the dressing room. Steph and her group were assisting her with the dress including hair and make-up. It was a Victorian theme party at the grand ballroom of the top hotel in their country.

Raven was so surprised that her father had thrown such a grand party for her. She knew about the party but she did not expect something like this, he had overdone it.

Senior Choi entered the room and was so satisfied how Raven looked. "You are the most beautiful daughter I had ever seen. So stunning like a Princess." Senior Choi praised her and his eyes were full of admiration.

Raven laughed and said, "Well, you are also the most handsome father I had ever seen my whole life."

Steph can't help and also commented, "Raven Lee is definitely someone the fashion world wouldn't forget. I bet after this, entertainment industries will woo you just to sign a contract with them."

Raven laughed once more and replied, "Stop it both of you. You're overreacting!"

Then, Sheena entered the room, like Senior Choi, she was so fascinated. "Wow, I am now questioning even my real identity."

Raven can no longer, take it and poked her friend, "Oh not you also. Stop it already."

She was blushing because of their overly praises words on how she looked right now. Seeing herself in the mirror, Raven sighed. She looked like a real Princess in a movie. The sparkling ball gown in dazzling bright pink off shoulder was showing her full bosoms while it perfectly fit and showed her small waist.

The make-up artist was inventive and just wet a Moroccan terracotta pot to create a deep-rose liquid stain, which she pressed on Raven with her finger which looked like Raven's lips were slightly stained for heightened color; pouty with desire.


first dance was his father Senior Choi. She was enjoying how her father was swaying her around like a child.

"You will always be the little Raven I know even if you grew older. You know how I loved you right?" Senior Choi asked while they were dancing. Raven nodded and smiled at her father lovingly.

"Can you promise father that no matter what happened you will stay sweet as you are like the little Raven I know? Stay happy and as energetic as you always are. And make sure you follow what your heart tells you and learn to trust your intuition?" Senior Choi suddenly became serious while he said those words.

Before Raven could answer the music suddenly stopped. And Jordan had announced that dinner will be served in a while by the most prestigious chef in the country.

Raven was staring at Jordan who looked handsome in his outfit. She sighed deeply, the moment she was anticipating had vanished. She was dead curious to see Jordan's face and reaction while she entered the ballroom but failed to do so.

She left her father for a while to greet the guests she knew. Then she heard a stiletto steps from her behind. It was Lin Wang who was smiling at her.

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