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   Chapter 45 Time Is Gold

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Raven looked at the document. Jordan already had his signature on it beforehand so only hers was blank.

She was really hesitating with the consummation thing. She knew Jordan. He usually followed rules by the book. It's safer if she can keep the original condition. However, she can no longer delay the signing. What if Jordan suddenly decided to just get another woman? Someone who can meet all the criteria and standard fit for a perfect wife.

In his kind of world, of rich people, this certain things do happen a lot, the 'Marriage of Convenience' was very common. People marry even though they don't like or love the person at first. They just all say the same thing, that everything will follow eventually after marriage, like and love can be developed in due time. For some relationship, it can be true but there are also some which end in failure.

She suddenly felt afraid for some unexplained reason. So she quickly signed the paper, put it back inside the envelope and walked out to her room to go at Jordan's room.

Raven knocked at the door.

"Who's that?" She heard Jordan asked.

"It's me." Raven answered. She opened the door and went inside when Jordan told her to come in.

He looked like he had a shower. He was wearing just his pajamas while he was drying his hair with a towel.

Raven blushed so she slightly bowed her head and spoke, "I'm sorry. I will just return after you are

n't see the point for delay." Jordan answered simply.

Raven's face can't be painted. She felt that she's been trapped.

"You are the one who needs help. But why it's you who always should be followed?" Raven asked in irritation. She turned off the dryer and put it back and immediately went out of Jordan's room.

Jordan inhaled and exhaled deeply.

Although the doctors had confirmed the higher rate of success after operation, unfortunately, for most people, stage 4 colon cancer is not considered curable. However, it can almost always be treated.

People can live many months and even years with stage 4 colon cancer according to the doctors. How long a person lives after operation depends on many things, including how the colon cancer cells are behaving, where the colon cancer has spread, and how a person responds to available treatments.

It can't be helped. Time is gold for them right now, especially for his father.

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