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   Chapter 44 So Scheming

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Updated: 2018-12-20 17:22

Raven was busy thinking on how she will convince Jordan to just keep her original conditions as it is. She was still hesitant. She doesn't want to become like Yan. She was not ready to be locked up inside the house yet.

She was at the garden when Sheena arrived.

"Hey, you're not yourself? You're in a deep thought that you did not even hear me calling you from behind?" Sheena commented as she sat opposite Raven.

"Something is different with you today. You look somewhat refreshing? What's with that smile?" Raven asked. Sheena looked extremely pretty today.

"Hey, I'm always like this." Sheena answered with a laugh.

Then Sheena added, "Well, because I already had a boyfriend. So I'm blooming." Raven creased her eyebrows. Since when did Sheena have a boyfriend? She did not see her getting close to any men at all.

"Hey when did that happen? Are you even dating?" she asked with curiosity.

"Well it happened fast but I started the wooing a few months ago before the class started." Sheena answered and began to tell Raven the whole story.

"Are you serious, as in with Lou? Jordan's trusted assistant? That's so naughty of you! Why are you telling me this only now?" Raven said as she pouted her lips. She can't believe that something as big like this had happened without her knowing. Sheena was not that secretive to her at all. She knew everything that goes on her friend's life.

"Of course I'm quite shy to tell you

Senior Choi asked seeing Raven almost choked with her sudden speed of eating.

"I forgot an important document to sign. I have to hurry back." Raven explained and continued to eat in a hurry.

"What document?" Senior Choi asked suspiciously.

"It's for Jordan. I will help him out so hurry up if you want us to get married." Raven said unconsciously.

Sheena coughed. She wasn't aware with that and she was shocked to hear Raven's words. "You will marry Jordan?"

Raven just nodded, "I will tell you the details later. Hurry up and finish your food. I have to sign it now." Raven said while she looked at Lin Wang who was obviously flirting with Jordan. She was always smiling and touchy to Jordan's arm and shoulder every now and then.

Senior Choi on the side was suppressing his laugh. It was Jordan's request to bring Raven here. Now he understands why. That was so scheming.

He wondered, just when did his son learn to do something like that?

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