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   Chapter 43 Conditions

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Raven's eyes were opened wide while she reads the revisions Jordan had made.

'Marriage registration only without a ceremony and should be kept a secret to others as well but not limited to immediate family and closed trusted friends, ' was revised to, 'Marriage registration with a ceremony in secret with immediate family and closed trusted friends.'

Then another one that caused her eyes to pop-out was the condition of –

'No consummation of marriage until Raven graduated and had a stable career, ' was revised to, 'No consummation of marriage unless consented by both parties.'

Other conditions remained as it is except for an additional one which was obviously added by Jordan.

No touching (like hugging, holding hand etc.) of/from opposite sex whether classmates, friends, acquaintances etc.

Raven sighed, looked at Jordan and said, "Why do I feel like I am at the disadvantage when I was the one who is helping you in the process?"

Jordan creased his eyebrow.

"Well to be precise both of us will benefit in the process. The disinheritance will be voided while you will bring joy and happiness to our father in return if you agree on the marriage. Am I wrong to think that nothing was more important to you but fulfilling our father's dream and wish? And I'm sure you knew that this was the only thing that can make the old man happy right now." He said plainly without blinking an eye.

Raven once again sighed. Of course she was aware of what will make her father happy. But still, she wanted to keep her condition as is when it comes to the consummation thing.

"But, can we just retain the original condition for consummation of marriage?" Raven asked in a low tone.

"Why? Aren't you confident enough about your self-control?" Jordan asked in a teasing tone.

Raven suddenly blushed and answered in high tone, "Of course I am. It's just that; anyway, let me think about it first."

She put back the document in the envelope. She will definitely not sign it yet`.

Jordan sighed deeply then looked closely at Raven and said, "Since you're not signing that means you don't agree yet right? So, can I continue with my blind dates for now? Just to make sure I don't wait in vain?"

Raven frowned. 'What the heck? Is he blackmailing me now? He was the one needing help so I should be the one making demands, right?' Raven thought helplessly.

Boosting her pride, Raven answered, "Yeah sure go on with your blind dates. Who knows you might find someone to your liking so we won't bother with this conditions thing anymore."

Jordan was scrutinizing Raven's expression then smiled sweetly.

"Are you sure? If you will stop me with the blind dates then I will, just say it." Jordan continued as he narrowed his eyes on Raven.

'What is this? Is he teasing me?' Raven's heart was pumping fast because of Jordan's gaze.

"Okay just stop." Raven replied in honesty. She really doesn't want Jordan to do more blind dates. It makes her feel irritated.

Jordan smiled

at her lovingly while Raven just let out a very deep sighed.


Lou was parked near Sheena's house. It was his free time since the Boss had dismissed him early. He was hesitating if he will call Sheena or not.

In the end, he decided to call Sheena.

"Where are you? I plan to pick you up from your house. Let's talk for a while." Lou said in a serious tone.

There's a moment of silence on the other line so Lou spoke once more, "Hello are you still there?

He heard Sheena's long sigh.

Then Sheena said, "I am not at home right now. I told you, I'll be the one to call you if I wanted to meet in person. I will hang up now. Bye"

Lou frowned when he heard the end beeping tones on his phone.

"What is wrong with her? I'm not going to bite her. Why is she avoiding me?" He said angrily.

He was about to go when he suddenly stopped. He saw Sheena's gate opened. Sheena walked out from the gate.

Lou immediately got out and confronted her.

"You said you're not home? What are you a doppelganger?" Lou said sarcastically and pulled Sheena's arm and walked towards the car.

Inside the car, Sheena was not saying anything. Lou held her shoulders to face him.

"Now tell me what's going on? Why are you avoiding me?" Lou asked with a creased forehead. He felt like he was going crazy already.

"It's just that I am shy." Sheena murmured and slightly bowed her head.

"Did I just hear it right? Shy? You?" Lou suddenly laughed. How come she was bold in sending messages but shy in person? He had an investigation of her background as instructed by his Boss before he made the offer to be Jordan's eyes and ears pertaining to Raven. She was the most talkative and candid in the class in person. She speaks what she feels or thinks whether hurtful or not. And now she was saying she was shy?

Sheena got irritated when Lou laughed so she said, "I want to get out, just let me out of the car."

"No I won't. I said we have to talk." Lou said in a serious tone however Sheena moved forward to look for the auto lock button at Lou's side.

She practically almost jumped over to Lou's lap. When she did notice the awkward position she slightly moved backwards. However, Lou pulled her closer to him and suddenly kissed her. The kiss was so deep like he had longed for it for a long time.

Sheena responded in the same intensity. She felt the seat moved and it was adjusted by Lou. He lifted her up to sit comfortably on his lap. Lou released her to quickly look at her face before he kissed her once more.

"You have to take responsibility on what you did." Sheena spoke while gasping for air.

"Uhmm... Yesss.. I.. w..ill." Lou said stammering while he was kissing her continuously.

This scenario had been hunting him for months now. Kissing, hugging and touching her like this after a month of Sheena's sweet messages started.

Actions were definitely better than words. He thought while he enjoyed the sweetness of Sheena's lips and the comfort of her soft body.

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